GN decanter centrifuge

GN decanter centrifuge

The use of high-speed rotating drum generates centrifugal force to retain the solid particles in the juice suspension in the drum and automatically discharged to the outside of the machine under the action of force, while under the action of centrifugal force, the liquid in the suspension is thrown out through the settling medium, drum slag discharge port, so as to achieve the purpose of liquid-solid separation.

GN decanter centrifuge has the incomparable price advantage of similar products, and the machine is designed with reliable technology, stable performance, simple structure, easy maintenance, small footprint, automatic, closed continuous operation of the separation advantages.

Working principle:
The purpose of separation is to separate the solids in the mixed fluid with a specific gravity greater than that of the liquid-phase fluid from the liquid-phase fluid.
When the mixed fluid inlet into the high-speed rotation of the drum body cavity, mixed liquids in the specific gravity of the solids, under the action of centrifugal force, rapid settlement to the inner wall of the drum, by the spiral pusher from the solid-phase exit out of the drum body; while the specific gravity of the liquid phase is small in the centrifugal force of the formation of the inner layer of the liquid ring, through the liquid-phase overflow port out of the drum body. The drum and the spiral pusher operate at high speed at the same time, due to the existence of a certain speed difference between the two, making the solids settled on the drum wall uninterruptedly by the spiral pusher pushed to the liquid outlet discharge, the whole separation process is continuous.

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