GN solid vacuum pump

Several days agaon, GN have arranged to send 2 sets solid vacuum pump to Taiwan, China. The customer will used our solid vacuum pump to do the sewage transfer job, it is 100% air driving,  so it can be used in flammable and explosive environments and has passed ATEX certification, need to connect to a compressore for work.

In this order, the customer choose GNSP-40B models cause the suction and discharge capacity, The pump can transfer material with high gravity and high density, solids content max up to 80%, the max particle size is 75mm, The pump structure is simple and compact, almost none of wear parts. The transfer distance is up to 500-1000 meters.

The inlet/outlet size of GNSP-40B models is 4”(114MM) and vacuum degree is 85Kpa/25 inch HG(Mercury Column), also its pressure request is 550Kpa-785Kpa(80-114PSI) and air demand is 17M3/min(600CFM).

GN solid vacuum pump is a pressure vessel, the tank of GN solids vacuum pump can be accompanied by a pressure vessel inspection report.

To help customer in model selection on solid vacuum pump, GN also provide questionnaire, kindly connect GN to get more information for the solid vacuum pump.

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