Solids Vacuum Pump for Transferring Dry Sand

Client from Europe ordered one unit of Solids Vacuum Pump from GN Company, and the Pump would be used to transfer dry sand in his construction job site.

GN Company has developed 3 models of Vacuum Pump, with different capacities, including 10, 20, 40 m3 per hour. The Pump can be used to transfer solids with size maximum 50mm, based on its inlet/outlet size. The suction distance can reach 50 meters in horizontal, and suction depth can reach 8 meters. The discharge distance can be 1000 meters maximum in horizontal, and lift/discharge height can reach 80 meters maximum. (This is calculated based on clean water, and it might reduce some during actual work)

Two of the small models of Vacuum Pump are movable with wheel, and the biggest model is skid-mounted.

Vacuum Pump is totally 100% air operation/driven, and itself not cost of electricity or diesel. The air is always supplied by air compressor. Air Compressor can be electrical driven or diesel driven. And the pump is much less maintenance than common pump, and clients find hoses easily in local hardware store.

It is available to arrange pump trial test with clients’ sample within GN factories, and clients can check the pump performance during actual operation.

Welcome to contact GN Sales Managers, and they would offer detailed solution based on clients’ requirement.

Here are the applications of the Vacuum Pump can work on
Slurry, Sludge removal and transfer
Mud and tailings transfer
Pit and Sump cleaning
Oil sludge, tank bottoms residual removal and transfer
Barge tank and silo transfer of material
Sand; course, fine, conventioal and frac sand
Diatomaceous earth
Hazardous waste removal with close circuit transfer
Animal waste
Transfers virtually any material

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