Why Drilling Mud Services Company Choose GN Solids Control


Been accepted by Shell, get orders from BakerHughes, more and more competitors or big players in oil gas drilling market arelooking at GN Solids Control in another way, with more respect, for
some of them. If you are interested in our partners, yes, they are also playing
with mud. We have a lot of partners who are experts of playing with mud. Many
drilling mud serves company are cooperating with GN to do more business, or
more marketing. 

In middle east, we have a few good
partners, expect supplying drilling chemicals, drilling mud, also doing the solids control services
for the contactors, or some end users. From start, some clients may not like GN
products, more actually, not like Chinese products. 

The problem is in this way:

Whenever a Chinese products have a
problem, the first thinking come up is, ooh, WTF, I was purchasing / using a

While if it is from US, or Europe, on
the contrary, ooh, shit, what I have done, did I do something wrong?

Here is how our partners help, the most
important factor, if some most professional guys, with years, dozens of years
experience, they know how to handle headaches, and they know what is
happending, and why this happens. 

Thanks to their kindness, their advise
& feedback, improved GN products. Change everything into good cycle.

It is far more than a good presentation,
it is a show, a fantastic show, showing how GN, a Chinese brand solids control equipment can achieve. 

Let is get to the point, why these
partners be partners?

1. Seeing is beliving, they saw the
product, they witness the product’s success. That sounds.

2. When they feedback, GN absorb their
good suggestions in a very postive way, and appreciate that.

3. We value the partnership, and
longterm partnership.

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