3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant for off-shore drilling

Features of the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant for off-shore drilling

It is a 7-tank mud system complete with mixing, cleaning and storage function. And complete with lighting system and electrical control system.

Equipment included in the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant

1) Skid Mounted 3 runner oilfield skid mud tanks with V crimp, quantity 7 each 2) Mud tank with dimension 13500x3000x2350mm. Unit capacity 500bbl. Tank bottom steel plate thickness is 8mm, tank wall steel plate thickness is 6mm. Tank top covered with 5mm Checker plate. Tank bottom 5 degree incline torwards the drain gate for selfcleaning.

3) 3 double-layer agitators and 3 mud guns for each tank

4) Mud Mix unit (100 HP / Duplex type) with two pump motor units. On a separate skid. 3 Tons Electric hoist for lifting chemicals.

5) Steel frame rain shade Roof Cover for Jet Mixer Skid

6) Light system for the while system

7) Electric Control System for the while system

Base oil tanks for the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant

Customer request 3 base oil tank (diesel tank) next to the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant. The based oil tank equipped with shear pump in a separated skid. For cleaning diesel before enter into base oil tank, there are oil/water filter before oil enter into oil pump. In case the oil quality is not good enough, the filter will cleaning the oil first and then transfer to the base oil tank.

For easy maintenance, GN Solids America disc valve in side tank suction port. And outside tank is butterfly valves.

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