GN solids control tell you what is a mud gun ?

As a liading muaufacturer with regard to
drilling mud solids control & waste management devices such as mud gun,
straight cutting, screw conveyor, shale shaker, screw pump, mud cleaner,
oilfield shale shaker,
and desilter, machine degasser, decanter centrifuge, very poor boy
degasser, mud agitator,
mud tank, shear pump,
etc . Our own product served in around 60 countries, with organizations or
partner in Ough. S., Russia, Auatralia, Latina America and Middle Far east.
GN drilling fluid mud gun is a device familiar with agitate drilling mud with a
drilling rig. More of a nozzle than a gun, a mud gun is connected to a new pump
to circulate the going mud and prevent the solids from settling in the mud tank. also depending on
the quantity being used and the pit measurement. They are best used in tank
corners to keep solids through settling and a mud agitator is placed in the
tank heart.

GN premium quality mud gun is considered to be one of the longest prolonged on
the market today. Drilling mud can be a wet substance that is similar to a
thick clay and is also used to cool the exercise head and carry typically the
remnants of drilling for the surface in water properly drilling and oil as well
as gas drilling operations. GN mission mud gun is really a inexpensive solution
to a likely expensive problem. Mud is done by mixing water or even oil with a
clay-like ingredient that also contains several other chemicals into a big tank
called the mud tank on a drilling rig.
GN mud gun
is a 360˚ rotating swivel body, plus the ability to be
customized to the length, flanged or threaded.
Replacement parts for GN mud guns can be ordered by GN Solids Control Company.,
Ltd. GN is a fprofessional solids control system manufactuer in china. Any
problem i highly recommend you contract us on the web:

The Introduction of Solids Control Models

Performance and excellence of drilling
solids control equipment is paramount to the introduction of solid control. Drilling solids control
system includes drilling fluid recycling tank, drilling fluid purification
equipment and drilling liquids mixing equipment of three parts. Drilling fluid
purification equipment mainly includes shaker, desander, desilter, degasser,
centrifugal machines, centrifugal pump (sand pump), shear pump, mud agitator and hopper etc. Under highly
restriction eco areas, you may also concern the drill cuttings recovery and
waste treatment plant.

 Solid control equipment trends:

 Drilling operator is expecting small
footprint, high quality, lengthy existence of apparatus and integrated high-speed decanter centrifuge, automatic recognition and
performance solid control system.

 Worldwide Solids Control Company:

 The majority of solids control equipment has
been in the United States including BRANDT, SWACO, and DERRICK along with other
companies. Their performance and quality are on top level on the planet.
They’re focusing on optimizing solid control system configuration and
efficiency of solid control system,

 China Solid Control Company:

 Lately, China solids control company has
accomplished a larger degree of development, mainly in the study from the
theory, for example shaker works, cyclone works, happen to be around the
world’s advanced level. The space between Chinese solid control company and US
solids control is lowering. Especially GN Solids Control is among worldwide
level solid control company which released their models to around the globe. GN
not just focuses on the standard solids control models for example shale
shaker, mud cleaner, mud agitator, centrifugal pump and hopper, but
additionally researches around the advanced waste management area including
vertical cutting dry and decanter centrifuge combination. However, GN follows
worldwide strict quality inspections on each and every model to make sure GN
worldwide quality and equipment safe issues.

 GN Solis Control is constantly on the
supply equipment throughout around the globe, North and South US, Australia,
Europe, Africa and Asian. Our worldwide clientele has provided us the chance to
service industries including Environment, Construction, Chemical/Petrochemical,
Pulp and Paper Manufacturing, Mining, Oilfield/Drilling, Dredging, Governmental/Municipal,
and Energy Plants.

Centrifugal pump Mechanical seal

There mainly 3 sealing types for centrifugal pumps, like shearing pump, sand pump , slurry pump, etc…

1) Asbestos packing

2) Arid seal

3) Mechanical seal

Mechanical seal is the greatest and many costive sealing types. It’s reliable with an extended lifetime.

The fundamental meaning of Centrifugal pump Mechanical seal

Mechanical seal is the seal device for rotary machines. Like centrifugal pumps, centrifuges, reactor along with a compressor equipment. Since the transmission shaft goes through within the inside and outdoors from the equipment, so, the presence of a circumferential clearance between your shaft and also the equipment, equipment of medium leakage outwards with the gap, when the equipment within the pressure is gloomier compared to atmospheric pressure, air towards the equipment inside leakage, and for that reason it has to possess a package to avoid leakage from the shaft. Many seal species, because of mechanical seal has the benefits of little bit of leakage and lengthy service existence and so forth, so in present day world, mechanical seal is sealed within the primary shaft from the equipment. Mechanical seal can also be known as the face area seal, within the relevant standards from the condition is understood to be: “by a minimum of a set of finish faces vertical with respect towards the axis of rotation within the fluid pressure and also the elasticity of compensation organizations (or magnetic) device function and coordination of auxiliary closes to help keep integrating carefully relative sliding form to avoid fluid leakage.

Review of concepts on Centrifugal pump Mechanical seal

Mechanical seal is as simple as a set of or number around the vertical axis for finish face relative sliding within the fluid pressure and also the compensation mechanism of elastic (or magnetic) under the act of coupled with keep adhering auxiliary sealing and leakage potential to deal with seal device.

Common mechanical seal structure comprises an immobile ring (static ring) 1, rotating ring (dynamic ring) 2, 3 elastic components, a spring chair 4, fastening screw 5, a rotating ring auxiliary seal ring 6, and also the static ring auxiliary seal ring 8 along with other components, anti rotation pin 7 is bound around the cover 9 to avoid static the rotation from the ring.

Rotating ring and also the stationary ring is frequently may also based on when they have been the axial compensation capacity and it is known as the compensation loop or non compensation ring.

GN Solids Control Equipment Reduce Your Environmental Footprint

GN Solids control system involves the utilization of shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuges to process drilling fluids and remove the expected solids prior to, during, and after the drilling operation. We mainly supplies three phases of solids control system including prior to drilling: mud mixing system, during drilling: mud reclaim system and after drilling: drilling cuttings waste management system.

GN is highly experienced in offering qualified solids control equipment for all types of drilling fluids in the world.

Prior to Drilling

Mud mixing system is applied for mixing all kinds of chemical to formulate the drilling fluids. Generally, we apply the centrifugal pump, venturi hopper even shear pump for circulating and mixing drilling mud. The capacity of centrifugal pump ranges from 200GPM to 1408 GPM. Shear pump is capable of reducing the cost of mixing polymers an clays while improve the mud properties. Also, we utilize the mud agitator and mud gun to suspense solids prevent from sediment. Regarding to the customer’s requirement, we are able to customize the length of shaft of mud agitator and length of mud gun

During Drilling

Solids Control equipment are capable of reclaiming the drilling fluids. Technically, we offer the series of equipment including shale shaker, desander, desilter the combination of desander cones and desitler cones and decanter centrifuge. The four steps of solids control equipment remove different size of solids in order keep the drilling fluids property 

After Drilling

Drilling cuttings waste management system is use for processing the drilling cutting s during drilling and after drilling. Especially, drilling cuttings waste management system is for offshore project. When offshore project produce some drilling cuttings, contractor normally keep the cuttings and subsequently reclaim in the land. Therefore, our drilling cuttings waste management system is widely used for onshore and offshore drilling project.  Our field experienced technician staff will work to assure that every project has a solution optimized for the drilling cutting being disposed.

GN is waiting for working with your project. Click this link, you can make a connection with us:

3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant for off-shore drilling

Features of the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant for off-shore drilling

It is a 7-tank mud system complete with mixing, cleaning and storage function. And complete with lighting system and electrical control system.

Equipment included in the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant

1) Skid Mounted 3 runner oilfield skid mud tanks with V crimp, quantity 7 each 2) Mud tank with dimension 13500x3000x2350mm. Unit capacity 500bbl. Tank bottom steel plate thickness is 8mm, tank wall steel plate thickness is 6mm. Tank top covered with 5mm Checker plate. Tank bottom 5 degree incline torwards the drain gate for selfcleaning.

3) 3 double-layer agitators and 3 mud guns for each tank

4) Mud Mix unit (100 HP / Duplex type) with two pump motor units. On a separate skid. 3 Tons Electric hoist for lifting chemicals.

5) Steel frame rain shade Roof Cover for Jet Mixer Skid

6) Light system for the while system

7) Electric Control System for the while system

Base oil tanks for the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant

Customer request 3 base oil tank (diesel tank) next to the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant. The based oil tank equipped with shear pump in a separated skid. For cleaning diesel before enter into base oil tank, there are oil/water filter before oil enter into oil pump. In case the oil quality is not good enough, the filter will cleaning the oil first and then transfer to the base oil tank.

For easy maintenance, GN Solids America disc valve in side tank suction port. And outside tank is butterfly valves.