Small Mud Recycling System for Diamond Core Drilling

Diamond core drilling is one kind of drilling project which is similar with some small HDD or TBM drilling. But comparing with HDD or TBM drilling, although the requested capacity of the diamond core drilling is smaller, the separation standard is even higher.

core drilling mud system
GN compact solids removal unit

GN Solids Control has some mature solutions for such kind of drillings, and GN Solids Control has a group of compact designed separating equipment to serve in this system. This system is combined by a small shale shaker and a baby centrifuge, which are the most efficient separation equipments, and the cutting point could reach 2 to 5 microns. Besides the separation equipment, this system has a mixing unit also, which is used for adding more components into the system.
In this system, following equipment are included:

1. GNZS752E-DM shale shaker. This is a small shale shaker, suitable for the small capacity applications like the diamond core drilling. It has 2 pieces of shaker screens, with a screen area of only 1.35 cbm, only larger than half of GN normal shakers. But this capacity and mud routine is enough for the small projects. GN has a shaker screen factory for making composite material frame screens for this shaker model.

2. GNLW223-VFD decanter centrifuge. It is the smallest decanter centrifuge among GN centrifuge models. The bowl diameter of GNLW223 is only 9 inch, but the rotating speed could reach 4200RMP as normal operating speed.

3. Jet mixing hoppers for the mixing unit.

4. A tank for housing those above mentioned equipment and for receiving the liquid discharged from the equipment.

5. Centrifugal pumps respectively for feeding the decanter centrifuge and the mixing unit. GN centrifugal pumps are fully interchangeable with NOV Mission pump in both installation dimensions and spare parts.
Besides being used to the diamond core drilling projects, it is also used for some small HDD projects. For more information, pls contact GN Sales team.

Shale Shaker for Trenchless Technology

shaker is designed to separate drilling cuttings above 100 microns by shale shaker screen separation ; there
are 2 sets of vibrator motor installed on shale shaker to supply vibrating
power at 7.0 G force. Different design of drilling
mud shale shaker
may have different size and capacity, there
will be 2 or 3 or 4 panels for a single deck shale shaker for install shaker
screen with wedge type or hook type screen installation. All GN oil field shale
shakers are – 1 to 5 degree shaker deck adjusts range and trenchless shale
shaker is +2 degree shaker deck angle.

mini shale shaker for trenchless
mud system
that mud flow no higher than 200 GPM, it is
installed 2 sets of 0.75 kw vibrating motor at 6.5 G force with 2 pc shaker screen
on shaker deck with 1.35 square meters screen area, The screen can be install
20 to 100 mesh screen for drilling cuttings separation between 150 micron to
400 micron separation size. GNZS703E shale shaker is another trenchless
industry shale shaker for mud system that 300 GPM and above , this is a three
deck shale shaker with 3 pc shale shaker screen installed for 500 GPM mud flow
max by 40 mesh shaker screen . It is installed 2 sets of 1.72 kW vibrator motor
to supply 7.0 G force for shaker vibrating.

desander and or desilter
can be installed on any shale shaker to make
it as a mud cleaning for finer size separation , the desander cone can separate
50 microns and above and desilter cone separate 20 microns and above. The
minimum capacity of desander cone is 500 GPM, so we won’t be able to install
desander cone if mud flow required lower than 500 GPM but we can install
desilter cone in that case.

6 Sets of GN Decanter Centrifuge and 40 Sets Mud Agitator Delivered to South America Market

GN leads the way in solids control
technology with it new designed decanter centrifuge in
China. As the firstly API certified manufacturer of solids control equipment and
system in China
, GN has always been keeping its leading position in
international market by it advanced technology. Early in this year, GN has
improved its decanter centrifuge to make it more suitable to treat drilling
waste which contains relatively larger solids content. So GN made a series
specific design to reduce abrasion on the screw conveyor and avoid solids accumulating
inner the bowl cover. The new designed decanter centrifuge has been proven to
have stable operation and more satisfying performance, thus becoming popular in
the international market, especially in the Middle East and Africa, Latin
America. Recently GN delivered 6 sets of decanter centrifuge and 40 sets
agitators to South America. The new designed centrifuge also can be used as the
final stage solids control equipment in a complete set of solids control system for
oil and gas drilling.
The mud agitator is used to rotate the mud to
keep it homogenous.

Now GN is manufacturing one set of solids
removal unit for a South America customer. It will be used the clean the
diamond drilling fluids for recycling usage. Besides solids control systems for
oil and gas drilling, GN also designs and supplies desander unit for bore piling and TBM; mud systems for HDD
drilling, CBM drilling, water well drilling, geothermal drilling. The main
treating equipment is shale shaker and desander, desilter, or mud cleaner with
the combination of desander cyclones and desilter cyclones. The shaker is used
to separate coarse solids, and then the desander to separate solids over 40 micrions,
and the desilter to remove solids over 25 microns.

4 sets GNLW452 Centrifuge for fast barite recovery

GN Solids Control decanter centrifuge is professional for
oil & gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling, coal bed methane
drilling, diamond drilling etc. The centrifuge is liquid / solids 2-phase
separation equipment
, the separation point is 2 to 5 microns.


 Recently, we have customer from CPP, China petroleum
pipeline bureau company, the largest HDD contractor from China. They just buy 2
sets of
500gpm mud system
, each system equipped with 1 sets shaker with 2 ea desander
cones, 1 set shaker with 12ea desilter cones, 2 sets middle speed centrifuge
GNLW452. The middle speed centrifuge standard model is fixed speed centrifuge
with 1800RPM. The customer like customized centrifuge with variable speed
control panel. We company customized the fixed speed centrifuge to variable
speed centrifuge by adding one variable speed control panel with ABB transducer
inside to make the speed changeable. 1 set of GNLW452 centrifuge with treating
capacity 40m3/h, two sets means treating capacity 80 m3/h at same time. In this
case, the barite material in drilling mud can be take out by centrifuge very
fast. Thus, the total working efficiency will be promoted in a high level.

 Except of GNLW452 middle speed centrifuge, GN
Solids Control also have other model centrifuge for other application.

 1) GNLW363CG or GNLW363CG-VFD is high speed centrifuge,
fixed speed / variable speed two options for customer. This centrifuge is
professional for drilling mud weight reduce for solids control. Or it can be
used for drilling
waste management
to remove the very fine solids from drilling waste, thus to
reduce the oil on cuttings (OOC).

 2) GNLW553 big bowl big capacity centrifuge. If in some
certain case, the customer don’t want to use desander unit or desilter unit,
the customer may only use shale shaker & centrifuge for fast drilling. This
kinds of combination can also reduce the power consumption in a large degree. Because
when you use desander units or desilter units, big pump with electric motor is
generally needed.

 GN other model centrifuge, like GNLW223 baby centrifuge,
GNLW453 big bowl centrifuge is also available.

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Solids Control Liquid Mud Plant (LMP)

In the Oil and Gas drilling area, for dealing with the drilling mud, there’s not just solids control systems and drilling waste management systems. But additionally, the liquid mud plants, also is known as LMP. Aside from the solids control system and drilling waste management systems, GN Solids Control also provide complete LMP or according tools available.

 What’s LMP?

 LMP is brief for Liquid Mud Plant, generally used beside a solids control system or any other mud systems for storage the drilling mud. To be able to avoid mud from settling, most significant tools utilized in LMP are mud agitators and mud guns. In a certain distance, usually every 3 meters, there’s a mud agitator and beside each agitator, there’s a mud gun. As well as jet mud mixing tools, like centrifugal pumps and mud mixing hoppers, utilized for adding and mixing the harmful chemicals towards the drilling mud and a preferred mud proportion.

 Using LMPs?

 Anybody using drilling mud in their projects or for their clients, could use LMPs. those companies consist although not limited to:

 1. Drilling company’s workers who provide their clients drilling service using their own rigs and solids control systems.

 2. Drilling Mud/Liquid companies, who don’t directly participate in drilling works, however they provide drilling mud towards the customers and reclaim the mud back and reserve it for next use.

 GN Solids Control offer LMP to the clients both domestic and abroad. As well as, some LMP customers purchase tools from GN Solids Control when reviving their LMP, because evaluating with tanks, the facility is to some extent consumable. At the same time, plenty of large tank producers established a lengthy-term co-operation with GN Solids Control by continuously buying mud agitators and mud guns from GN.

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