Not too long ago, GN production department is busy with drilling waste management systems, mainly because very same orders come from distinctive regions of planet, 1 after yet another. The 3 OBM waste management systems are respectively for Asia, West Africa and Middle East.
This can be a typical method with GNCD930C vertical cutting dryer, a hopper shape tank for getting the liquid in the vertical cutting dryer, along with a GNLW363BG-VFD for additional remedy of drilling liquid. Solids components discharged by this method is usually buried or produced into mud plate prior to burying.
When designing this system, in addition to the basic functions, GN engineer team take into consideration plenty of components, even which includes compact specifics. As under:
1. In GNCD930 vertical cutting dryer, air flushing system adopted for avoiding screen blocking circumstances.
2. GNLW363BG decanter centrifuge is mounted on a telescopic skid, this skid can offer you 3 optional heights for the centrifuge, less difficult for operator to lead the treated clean liquid back to a reserving tank.
3. Liquid outlet of decanter centrifuge is developed with 2 branches, equipped with valve. A single is always to the side, to be able to transfer liquid into reserving tank. The other is vertical, employed for discharge liquid straight, as well as aids flushing.
four. GNLW363BG-VFD decanter centrifuge is international high typical decanter centrifuge, with optimistic pressurized VFD handle and higher regular material for longer service life and superior efficiency.
5. Tank involving vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge is shaped as a hopper, in this condition, solids particles remaining in liquid is adapt to settle down to the smaller sized bottom. On bottom there is a gate for discharge them on occasions and easy to flush.
Some customers who use WBM only can replace the vertical cutting dryer into a GNZS594HGE high G shale shaker and cost will likely be substantially reduce.

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GN Mobile Waste Management System Flexible for Applications

We got mud tank inquiry from Jordan drilling company, after some times communication, the end user evaluate our drawing and they hope all necessary equipment is included.

They also have further requirement as below

  1. The funnels of the mud hoppers must be installed on ground level and not on the top of the tank
  2. The mixing hoppers discharge line must have outlet of the tank so that can be connected to our available tank. Advise the connection size of the outlet so that we can order connections between your tank and our tank.
  3. Re the tank equipped with hoppers: It must be installed also cleanout gates on the other (opposite) side of the tank.
  4. The following items from our attached drawings are missing in your drawings:
    1. Re Reserve Tank No.1:

1. Item 4 – High pressure mud gun 2"and line

2. Item 9 – Rig mud pump bottom suction line

3. Item 10 –  Rig mud pump suction bottom valve

4. Item 12 – Fresh water line

  1. Re Reserve Tank No.2:

1. Item 4 – High pressure mud gun 2"and line

2. Item 7 – Rig mud pump bottom suction line

3. Item 8 – Rig mud pump suction bottom valve

4. Item 10 – Fresh water line

  1. Advice the outlet connection size of the ditch so that we can order connections between your tank and our tank.
  2. We remember you that the top of the tanks must be covered with serrated bar grating, equipped with Hand rails of 1½” pipe in walk areas on top of the tank and stairs with handrails.

After the customer got our positive response on the mud tank technical specifications, they issue their order and buy the 2 sets mud tanks. Meanwhile, they also try to buy one sets of 1500hp rig mud system from us. We are following the projects now.
GN Mixing Tank and Its Function inside a Comprehensive Mud Solids Manage Method:

Today, drilling waste management equipments for additional treating the solids cuttings from solids handle technique is extra and much more critical to the drilling liquid service corporations and drilling businesses. Such companies are working with more effective equipments so that you can better treating the solids cuttings and save extra valuable liquid for future drilling.
And much more and more clients require a mobile, flexible solution for waste management, GN developed such a system. This method becomes well known ever considering that it shown to customers. This GN Waste management system is suitable for WBM, OBM and SBM.
This program is combined by following equipments:
2 sets of screw conveyor (augers) GNSC14A-24
1 vertical cutting dryer GNCD930C
1 high-G drying shaker GNZS594HGE-LD
1 set decanter centrifuge, higher speededGNLW363BG-VFD
two sets of Netzsch screw pumps
1 mud tank for reserving liquid to become treated for decanter centrifuge
1 trailer for carrying this comprehensive method, of great high quality but affordable cost.

In case of treating water primarily based mud, the operator can stop the vertical cutting dryer and get started the high G drying shaker only. Some customers only use high-G drying shale shaker within this technique if they only treat WBM as a way to save cost.
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Gn Company Drilling as a result of Manufacturing

desander has been awarded GNSOLIDSAMERIC Ag Heavy Industries? GN model Gold Mark certificate, which is often the highest primehigh-quality award that gn gives to its suppliers,desander  accomplished the certification for its GRE Pipe, selected in accordance with gn Ag Geoje Shipyard?exclusive vendor-evaluation plan.
The gn Geoje Shipyards? vendor-evaluation technique chooses awardees from the gn desander model Gold Mark certificate determined by the suppliers? annual functionality records that happento become evaluated by different departments within GNSOLIDS, such as the QM, A/S, Design and style and style, and Buying departments.
“All staff of item ought to be truly proud of this achievement,” said robert, Senior Vice President for Sales and Promoting of Fiber Glass Systems. “This award is presented to theidealaround the finest, selected from a huge selection ofcompanies worldwide, but recognizing only those that demonstrate excellence in all they do. This award represents our commitment to only performwithin the highest level in pursuit of unparalleled purchaser satisfaction.”
gnsolids began the GNSOLIDSAME model Mark certification to award its greatest suppliers and produce closer partnerships collectivelywith all the firms which willdeliver the highest high quality supplies and gear. By way in the usage in the highest outstandinggear and by means of its carry outusing the greatest suppliers, GNSOLIDSAME Heavy Industries is inside a position to continue its focus oncreating vessels with zero defects and offering its shoppers togetherwith the highest satisfaction.
May possibly was initial awarded the GNSOLIDSAME model Silver Mark in 2008, and NOV has received the GNSOLIDSAME model Gold Mark in the year 2004 till the present.
“It’s normally gratifying to acquire recognition from our crucial shoppers and in unique GNSOLIDSAME Heavy Industries, who’s identified to providegood qualityoptionswithin the marine and offshore industries,” mentioned Hossein Arian, President of May Fiber Glass Systems. “We are focused on serving these marketplace segments from our substantial and expanding Southeast Asia base with extremely specialized plants committed to product high-quality, on-time delivery and engineering help. We seem forward to construct on this quality-based partnership with GNSOLIDSAME Heavy Industries.”
Providersselectedsimply because the excellent partners will get preferential remedy when GNSOLIDSAMERICA regions orders, in accordance with GNSOLIDSAMERICA. Additionally, it provides incentives like PR possibilities to its GNSOLIDSAMERICA model certificate awardees.
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Mud gas separator also named as poor boy degasser. Nowadays, Aipu solids handle will share more detail with you about mud gas separator function.
Why we require mud gas separator?
If the massive bubbles’s diameter is higher than φ3~φ25mm, which will make the drilling fluid’s gravity and viscosity ratios deviated significantly, the mud won’t meet the demand of drilling, even additional much more, a worse situation of gas in drilling fluid will result inwell kick or blowout.
But mud gas separator as an expert equipment to treat the gas invade mud can efficiently stay away from the above taking place.
What does mud gas separator function?
The mud from the drilling nicely goes into the poor boy degasser. Because of the gravity, the mud drops down in the inner structure of poor boy degasser.
And after that the gas bubbles bursting out. It was discharged through the separator best from the gas exhaust pipe (pipe length shall not be much less than 50 meters).
If to burn the harmful gas, connect gas exist of poor boy degasser to flare ignition device by pipe in about 30 meters away from the poor boy degasser. The degassing of drilling fluid was sent into shale shaker inlet or shale shaker distributer.
The safety valve on the bestis to release the gas in case the inner pressureis very major, and also the stress meter on the best should be toread the inner pressure.
Why mud gas separator is applied broadly, the following case will provide you with detailed explanation.
Mud gas separator advantages
1. Higher approach efficiency for the duration of continued drilling
2. Promotes safe drilling environment
3. Efficient removal of cost-free gas
4. Constructed to match drilling system and application
5. Control delivery of gas to the flare line
6. Control of retention time of gas-cut mud within the vessel
7. Optimizes approach effectiveness and efficiency
8. Quick transportation, rig-up and rig-down
9. Adaptable for distinct drilling height or other circumstances
Aipu as a professional solids manage manufacture use high high-quality steel supplies manufacturing higher performance mud gas separator. Aipu mud gas separator can proficiently stop the damaging gas erosion, ensure high operating efficiency.