Shale Shaker for Trenchless Technology

shaker is designed to separate drilling cuttings above 100 microns by shale shaker screen separation ; there
are 2 sets of vibrator motor installed on shale shaker to supply vibrating
power at 7.0 G force. Different design of drilling
mud shale shaker
may have different size and capacity, there
will be 2 or 3 or 4 panels for a single deck shale shaker for install shaker
screen with wedge type or hook type screen installation. All GN oil field shale
shakers are – 1 to 5 degree shaker deck adjusts range and trenchless shale
shaker is +2 degree shaker deck angle.

mini shale shaker for trenchless
mud system
that mud flow no higher than 200 GPM, it is
installed 2 sets of 0.75 kw vibrating motor at 6.5 G force with 2 pc shaker screen
on shaker deck with 1.35 square meters screen area, The screen can be install
20 to 100 mesh screen for drilling cuttings separation between 150 micron to
400 micron separation size. GNZS703E shale shaker is another trenchless
industry shale shaker for mud system that 300 GPM and above , this is a three
deck shale shaker with 3 pc shale shaker screen installed for 500 GPM mud flow
max by 40 mesh shaker screen . It is installed 2 sets of 1.72 kW vibrator motor
to supply 7.0 G force for shaker vibrating.

desander and or desilter
can be installed on any shale shaker to make
it as a mud cleaning for finer size separation , the desander cone can separate
50 microns and above and desilter cone separate 20 microns and above. The
minimum capacity of desander cone is 500 GPM, so we won’t be able to install
desander cone if mud flow required lower than 500 GPM but we can install
desilter cone in that case.

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