It is mostly used design by
current that can fit several of shale shakers that
coordinate with the design concept
.  It is made with multiple layers of stainless
steel wire clothes together to a steel support plank.  The characteristic of this type of shale
shaker screen are list below:  

It contains different meshes on wire
cloth in the screen.  The sizes of the
holes that support the plank contain different mesh as well.  The support plank size also is different as
well.  Combine it all will get area that
is effective on condition to bearing enough liquid flow force.

The thicker wires cloth contain less
mesh at the lower bottom of the screen together with support plank so it can
added strength of the whole screen to extend usage life.

The wire cloth is divided into many
small surface grid of steel support plank which can hold the excessive
expansion to make it last as long as possible.

shaker screen

 With demand of larger and larger treating capacity
of the drilling fluid but without building larger shale shaker, the corrugate
design screen was appear in 1990s to increase the treating surface and to fit
current use shale shaker.

Corrugate design screen has large effective area, and drilling fluid
is handled in high-efficiency by using it.

This kind of sieving screen has design characteristics as follows:

 Every wire cloth in the
sieving screen has different meshes, and accurate collocation can make the
screen have better liquid treated effect.

Stainless steel wire cloth is made
it like corrugate, and closely holds metal support plank together. The
effective area can added up to 125% of the flat screen with the same specification
and the size, so as to improve the quality and treating amount of drilling
fluid and increase the production.

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