GN Dewatering Unit and  Centrifuge

all the solids control manufacturers in China, GN Solids Control’s decanter
centrifuges are most popular and of larger technology and most advanced
patterns. GN Solids Control carries a wide range of decanter centrifuges which
will cover nearly all the programs needed for oil and gas drilling solids
control systems, drilling
cuttings waste management systems
, drilling liquid waste management methods
and for other drillings because diamond drilling and mining or prospecting.
1 . Per bowl length, GN centrifuges could be split up into big bowl centrifuge
and also normal centrifuges.
The most popular serving diameter is 14 “ diameter bowl, this product is
also GN’s best seller centrifuges. For the same bowl size, GN has 5 options for
consumers to choose from per their circumstances, economic configuration and
substantial configuration, VFD controlled and stuck speed controlled. For VFD
controlled, there are simple VFD controlled and positive pressurised control
panel available. Standard model GNLW363.

And there is baby centrifuge with one motor, only 9 inches diameter bowl, which
is considerably better for mining industry, along with model GNLW223.
Big pan centrifuges cover the types of bowl diameter larger than 17 inch. GN
has 20 inch bowl and twenty two inch bowl sizes intended for options. For 18
” bowl, there are GNLW452 using middle speed and GNLW453 with higher
speed, while the duration diameters are different.
Normally often the bowl diameter determines the particular treating capacities.
2 . for every speed, there are different RMPs available.
For the baby centrifuge, the RPM is 4500. GNLW363 with largest RPM of 3900,
while 20 inch ones, the RPM is 1800 for GNLW452, 2800 for GNLW453 along with
2500 for GNLW553.

For buying a suitable decanter
regarding dewatering among GN centrifuges, 3 points should be
one high speed and larger bowl diameter/ length ratio, for example , GNLW452
has speed of 1800RPM and 2 as span diameter ratio, it is more desirable for
solids control rather than dewatering.
2 . better content, for more anti-wear, GN substantial configuration
centrifuges are much better.
3. VFD control
is preferred for prospects to choose suitable speed each condition.
In most cases, GNLW363CG-VFD is actually chosen as dewatering centrifuge for GN

GN Vertical Cuttings Dryers and Decanter Centrifuges Working for SINOPEC Soon

Not long ago, 3 sets of GNCD930C vertical cuttings dryers
and 3 sets of GNLW363 decanter centrifuges were
transported to Shandong Province, and soon they will be working at SINOPEC
jobsite there like a complete set of waste management system.

SINOPEC, CNPC and COSL are 3 Oil giants in
China, which are no doubt also ranked among the TOP 100 international Oil
Companies. They are national owned companies. As a private owned company, it’s
not easy for GN Solids Control to get big projects orders from them without a
high standard quality. But GN made it, not only once. In fact, every year, GN
Solids Control has got large orders directly from the oil giants both in
domestic China and outside China. Besides this, GN
Solids Control’s solids control systems
, waste management systems and
other equipments are working with rig packages or so for the oil giants’
service companies, like Baker Hudges, who is working at Nabors’ jobsite with 4
sets of GN Waste Management Systems.

Talking about Baker Hudges, before year
2014, they seldom purchased solids control or waste management equipment from China,
but they paid an eye to Chinese manufacturers for a while. In year 2014, when
they considered to buy from China, they sent engineers from their Headquarter
of USA, visiting and inspecting all the main solids control manufacturers in
China, and finally chose GN Solids Control as the supplier. Before their
equipments dispatched from factory, their engineers also come to inspect. Now
the waste management systems are performing satisfying in their extremely cold

And such systems are working well at many
places, like in South America, in Middle East, in Africa and in China main
land. Single equipments are more, to more than 60 countries and regions. Below
are some links for jobsite working video for your more information.

The main equipment in the system like
centrifuge, has more than one application, you could check it on page of
centrifuge. And in case of WBM only, you can also change the vertical cuttings
dryer into a High-G shaker to save cost.