Positive pressurized VFD control panel for variable speed decanter centrifuge

As one the lead decanter centrifuge
manufacturers in the world, GN solids
with branch office GN solids America in Houston) provide both high
speed decanter centrifuge and variable speed decanter
with VFD control panel, VFD decanter centrifuge the most popular
model during our clients from over 60 countries in the world.

We provide 4 types VFD control panel of
decanter centrifuge based on different clients requirements:

1 positive pressurized VFD control panel for
explosion proof Exd II BT4 with PLC control

2 positive pressurized VFD control
with IEC certificate with PLC control

3 positive pressurized VFD control panel with
ATEX certificate with PLC control

4 flame proof/ explosion proof control panel

The positive pressurized VFD control panel is
specially designed for the working site with high temperature, moist air, heavy
rain, strong sunshine area with good performance. To ensure the long operation
life, we also suggest to use a sun/rain proof cover on top of the centrifuge
unit, as GN
drilling waste management
project in Sichuan, China, Where is a lot of rain
and very moisture air.

With air cooler inside the control cabinet, we
have a temperature sensor installed and setting according the environmental
temperature and client’s requirement, once the inside temperature reached the
setting value, the cooler unit will start to work and feed to the inside
cabinet cold air and let the warm air out, the constantly circulation make the
inside cabinet to remain the respectively cool and will not be too hot during
long term working in the hot weather.

PLC control VFD control panel change the
frequency smartly, the last flame proof/ explosion proof control panel can not
work in hot weather, the electric components will be too hot to stop working or
be burned when it becomes hot. And the frequency inverter is working through
very traditional way. Such products are only supplied to the cold area or when
cheapest price is required by the client.


Standard GN OBM Waste Management Systems for South Asia

Not too long ago, GN production department is busy with drilling waste management systems, mainly because very same orders come from distinctive regions of planet, 1 after yet another. The 3 OBM waste management systems are respectively for Asia, West Africa and Middle East.
This can be a typical method with GNCD930C vertical cutting dryer, a hopper shape tank for getting the liquid in the vertical cutting dryer, along with a GNLW363BG-VFD for additional remedy of drilling liquid. Solids components discharged by this method is usually buried or produced into mud plate prior to burying.
When designing this system, in addition to the basic functions, GN engineer team take into consideration plenty of components, even which includes compact specifics. As under:
1. In GNCD930 vertical cutting dryer, air flushing system adopted for avoiding screen blocking circumstances.
2. GNLW363BG decanter centrifuge is mounted on a telescopic skid, this skid can offer you 3 optional heights for the centrifuge, less difficult for operator to lead the treated clean liquid back to a reserving tank.
3. Liquid outlet of decanter centrifuge is developed with 2 branches, equipped with valve. A single is always to the side, to be able to transfer liquid into reserving tank. The other is vertical, employed for discharge liquid straight, as well as aids flushing.
four. GNLW363BG-VFD decanter centrifuge is international high typical decanter centrifuge, with optimistic pressurized VFD handle and higher regular material for longer service life and superior efficiency.
5. Tank involving vertical cutting dryer and decanter centrifuge is shaped as a hopper, in this condition, solids particles remaining in liquid is adapt to settle down to the smaller sized bottom. On bottom there is a gate for discharge them on occasions and easy to flush.
Some customers who use WBM only can replace the vertical cutting dryer into a GNZS594HGE high G shale shaker and cost will likely be substantially reduce.

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