vertical cutting dryer

Although the price for crude oil is dropping form an extremely high place to anunexpected low place, the global demand for the oil never ceases. But as longas the drilling projects are done everywhere in the world, the environment
effects are shown more and more clearly.

Now more and more countries are issuing
laws and regulations for protecting the environment. Before, in some places,
after drilling, the drilling cuttings could be buried in a remote place, but
now, nothing is allowed to be discharged without further treating. In some countries,
any drilling work is allowed without seeing an existing waste management
solution or system.

Depending on different drilling fluids, the
waste management system is a bit different. Normally, there is WBM and OBM.

1.      Complete WBM waste management system.

A complete WBM waste management system is
combined by 2 sections. First section, standard waste management system
includes a drying shaker with a high G force and a high speed decanter
centrifuge.  Second section is further
treatment, a dewatering unit to flocculate the fine particles into larger ones
in order to be treated by a high speed decanter centrifuge, here, the
centrifuge may be same as the former one, but this one is regarded as
dewatering centrifuge. This whole system is called as zero discharge drilling

2.      Waste
management system for OBM

The complete waste management system for
OBM could also be regarded as 2 sections, the standard one and further one. The
standard waste management system for OBM is combined by a vertical cuttings
dryer and a high speed centrifuge.  After first stage, the further stage is to
make the cuttings more compact and into solid before discharge.

GN Solids Control is most famous China
brand for solids control and waste management systems and equipments. They are
producing high speed centrifuges for waste management, and their products are
of high cost-effectiveness. And also, GN Solids Control is first Chinese
company who designed the vertical cuttings dryer years
ago. Now their vertical cuttings dryer reached the 4th generation, which could provide
more applications suitable for not only OBM and SBM, but also WBM.

If you need to know more about GN and GN
products, you are welcome to attend the coming CIPPE in Beijing, Capital of

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Hebei GN Solids Control is a top and first API certified solids control company in China. She is an expert of solids control system for oil and gas drilling and mud system for HDD drilling, Tunneling, and Geothermal drilling and so on. Besides solids control system and mud system, GN solids control is also qualified to supply high quality and performance drilling waste management and system. This year, GN drilling cutting management system sells very well and is gradually accepted by big players in this field. One set is now on service for Shell, and four sets for Baker Hughes are ready for delivery and will do service for Nabors industries project.

Nabors Industries is one of the largest oil and gas service companies worldwide. Nabors have about 500 land rigs, 48 offshore rigs and over 500 workover and well servicing rigs working in U.S. and Canada, Gulf of Mexico etc. more than 25 countries and areas. The Project including equipment as below:

Four sets VFD vertical cutting dryer whose speed varies from 0 to 900 rpm with positive pressured PLC touch screen panel.

Fours sets VFD decanter centrifuge whose speed varies from 0 to 3200 rpm via positive pressured PLC touch screen control panel. This VFD control panel can control the speed of bowl, the speed of conveyor, and the speed of feeding pump.

   Twelve sets screw pump for transferring drilling mud and for feeding decanter       


Twelve sets of screw conveyor. Screw conveyor is used to feed drilling cutting to the vertical cutting dryer, and to transport the solids discharge by the dryer and decanter centrifuge.

GN vertical cutting dryer not only can handle oil based mud drilling cuttings, but also could handle the water-based. The below links are available to watch videos of GN vertical cutting dryers.

Video of GN vertical cuttings dryer for Shell project – Oil Based Drilling Cuttings treatment:

Video of GN decanter centrifuge for Argentina project – water based drilling mud treatment: