2 units of drilling cuttings transfer vacuum pump to South America

This week GN solids control shipped 2 units of drilling cuttings transfer vacuum pump to Argentina, this is used together with 2 sets of drilling waste management system shipped in May, 2017. The client also bought 4 sets of cuttings screw conveyor to transfer the drilling cuttings.

Both of the cuttings vacuum pump and screw conveyor can be used to transfer the drilling cuttings to the vertical cutting dryer, also called vertical G dryer. The discharged solids from vertical cuttings dryer with OOC < 5%, the discharged fluids are transferred to the decanter centrifuge by screw pump. The vertical cuttings dryer and decanter centrifuge are the major equipments for drilling waste management system.
How to install the vacuum pump in the jobsite besides the vertical cuttings dryer?
The vacuum pump can replace the screw conveyor when the fluids content is higher in the drilling cuttings, GN will provide chargable material collection hopper to install on the top inlet of the vertical cuttings dryer. The vacuum pump will suck the drilling cuttings/ oil sludge from the waste pit with hose, the discharge line is also connect with the vertical cuttings dryer inlet top.
When the solids content is higher in the drilling cuttings, the client will use 2 sets of screw conveyor, one set is installed horizontally to collect the drilling cuttings from the solids control system, the other set is installed inslantly with less than 45 degree angle from the underground. The 2nd screw conveyor will transfer the drilling cuttings to vertical G dryer. Pls check the working video of the vacuum pump to transfer drilling cuttings or oil sludge from GN solids control wedsite.
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Used 14inch bowl decanter centrifuge for sale

GN solids America has
a used 14inch
bowl decanter centrifuge
for sale in our
Houston warehouse, the address is 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040,
welcome to drop by our warehouse and check it.  

The specification of
the centrifuge is as below:

Decanter centrifuge
bow diameter: 14 inch

Bowl length: 50 inch

Effective treating
capacity: 132gpm at drilling fluids, but the treating capacity will varies at
different density & viscosity drilling fluids

Max bowl speed
3900rpm and normal working bowl speed is 3200rpm

The separation cut
point is 2~5 microns

Max G force up to

The electrical
control panel is IEC explosion proof standard which comply with US oilfield

The centrifuge is for
3 month rental only, now we will sell it with good discount, welcome to contact
our sales for price offer.

Features of the

1 bowl material made
of duplex stainless steel 2205 and the other parts are made of SS316L

Screw conveyor
is protected by tungsten carbide tiles

3 Screw flow
distribution port is protected by tungsten alloy

4 SKF bearing for
longer service life

Application of GN
stocked centrifuge:

1 Solids control
system, low gravity solids

2 Drilling cuttings
waste management, worked together with GNCD930
vertical cuttings dryer

3 Waste water

4 dewatering system

GN can provide low
speed pulley to use it for high gravity solids and barite recovery. We can also
provide telescopic skid to put the centrifuge on for convenient operation, the
feeding pump is optional.

We have another 3
sets of same model centrifuges for rent in the States, the specification is
equivalent to Derrick DE1000 / Swaco 518 / NOV Brandt
HS3400. We will show GNLW363 series decanter centrifuge at OTC
2015 oil show
,we have 2 stands at
OTC, welcome to visit our booth at:

Reliant Arena Booth A
(290SF) No.: 9225-2  – Hebei GN Solids Control Co.,Ltd
Reliant Arena Booth B (200SF) No.: 6137        –
GN Solids America LLC

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Drilling cuttings decanter centrifuge at the jobsite

GN solids control already offered over 250 models drilling cuttings decanter centrifuge around the world, here is a photo of GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge at the jobsite. Besides of the decanter centrifuge, this client also utilized our screw conveyor to gather the drilling cuttings and transfer them. Screw conveyor is specifically utilized for drilling cuttings moving among the drilling waste management system, particularly for the drilling cuttings with fewer liquids, the performance of transfer is demonstrated much better than other moving techniques.

 Probably the most important feature of the screw conveyor quality is that the bearings and screw propeller; it’s frequently used flat or in a slight incline to transfer the types of materials. GN always choose renowned brand bearings for such essential components, so we provide various options of screw material as customer’s requirement, even the screw conveyor length also can be customized, we’ve various sections with every section 12ft length.

 Normally our client can make a higher and adjustable frame in your area for their only project; they will put our decanter centrifuge around the frame. Our decanter centrifuge can be used the programs below:

 1 water drilling liquids dewatering centrifuge

 2 barite recovery centrifuge in solids control system

 3 decanter centrifuge for top gravity and occasional gravity solids

 4 drilling cuttings treatment system

 5 waste water treatment

 The most crucial problem within the jobsite operation is maintenance, with higher and proper maintenance; the decanter centrifuge can function perfectly. Here is the instructions ought to be compensated more attention for that centrifuge operation.

 1 cleaning after each time operation by water or drilling liquids

 2 lube based on GN recommend lube chart

 3 tighten the security guard belt before shipment, and take away it before start

 GN professional engineer will fly for your jobsite to train your operator that helps for brand spanking new commissioning service.

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Soil and Liquid mixing tank

GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer on mud solids control and drilling waste management system. They have experience on oily sludge separation. Recently, there are customers request V-bottom mud mixing tank for soil and oil liquid. The soil and oil liquid will go into the tank and they are mixed

The output line from the tank is a screw type (screw conveyor), so it can deliver the settled solid particles. And the height of the end of screw is 3 meter. Finally, there should be a liquid pump to transfer the liquid to other tanks or equipment.

V-bottom Screw + Shiftless conveyor

1) Solid/liquid mixture will be go into the v-bottom screw.

2) V-bottom screw and shiftless conveyor are put together and have sealing for no liquid leakage

3) Solid will be taken out from bottom screw – shiftless conveyor – and be discharged

4) Liquid will be pumping out from the top or making a hole at proper elevation

GN Solids control can provide tank and augers to meet the required function.

Below is a draft proposal made for customer’s reference.

1) Height of tank (including V-bottom) : 1.8 meter

2) Width of tank: 2 meter

3) Length of horizontal auger in tank : 24 feet long ( 7.315 meter)

4) Length of tilt auger: 24 feet long (7.315 meter), with tilting angle between auger and horizontal level 25 degrees.

Customer is satisfied with the proposal and mentioned more request. They want steam heating system for the mixing tank:

–       Steam injection nozzles (in this case, 2 nozzles each side (total 4 nozzles) can be installed and the nozzle would be positioned 0.5m from bottom)  

–       Wired screen (5 cm) on the top where operator pour the soil into the tank.

Per customer request, GN Solids Modification V-bottom Screw conveyor:

1. Steam injection line and nozzles inside

– steam injection line is split to two lines which are inserted into the v-bottom screw tank.

– 3 injection nozzles from each pipeline inside of v-bottom tank

– steam injection pipeline: 2 inch diameter (see picture below)

– no need of mixer inside


GN Mini Centrifuge

You might become complacent that the machine is big monster having a large footprint and high weight. It always gets people to feel gloomy when standing before an enormous machine. But consider the following picture, how cute it’s. It’s a small decanter centrifuge from GN decanter centrifuge products. With small footprint, you can easily remove and transport, additionally, it saves a great deal space for customers. Regarding its parameter, the mainly two is dealing with capacity and speed. GN small decanter centrifuge’s dealing with capacity or processing volume is 6 cubic meter each hour. And it is speed can achieve to some maximum round each minute. As well as for its primary feature that we will talk in next paragraph, it is usually utilized in core drilling.

GN mini decanter centrifuge using the model GNLW223 mainly occupied the next features.

1.  small footprint for simple moving and narrow working space

2. One motor driven mode for the bowl and inside screw propeller. The motor drive the bowl using a belt lever with devices, the bowl has same rotation speed because the motor. Meanwhile, the style of gear unit helps make the input speed from the screw propeller is a lot less than the bowl ¨C the screw propeller can also be driven through the motor having a belt lever. Thus the presence of the differential speed results in the centrifuge working availability.

3. High typical accelerate to 4500 make the sufficient G pressure to split up the fine solids with size 2~5 microns.

4. Material of SS304 on bowl, screw conveyor and primary body and protection of tungsten carbide squirting welding is perfect for lessen the cost, but could satisfy the working demand well.

5. Both fixed speed and variable speed model can be obtained

GN Solids Control has approached with lots of clients from Canada in the industry of core drilling along with other mining drilling. To think about our prime requirement around the motor and control panel explosion proof standard, GN provides the Small centrifuge only mechanical part and also the customer may find the motor and control panel in your area. And GN has done such as this before.

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