GN TDU for drilling waste material management

We have one consumer from Africa; require products & services for Winter Desorption Unit (TUD). Your customer gives requirements as down below:
1) Leak proof skips and waste oil aquariums (i. e., offshore mobile tanks) for the collection of
NAF drilled cuttings and other NAF rig wastes at THE CLEINT’s drilling rigs.
2) Pier access for PSVs supplied by THE CLEINT.
3) Dockside services (i. e., employees, cranes, and forklifts) intended for loading / offloading skips/waste oil tanks from the PSVs and loading the skips and / or waste oil fish tanks on trucks.
4) Passenger trucks for hauling the skips and / or waste oil storage containers to and from the treatment center and within the treatment facility and with hauling treated residue in the treatment facility to the landfill.
5) Treatment facility for the thermal digesting of NAF drilled cuttings and other NAF rig toxins, including any containers essential for transporting the treated silt to the landfill. Treatment facility should certainly have sufficient space to support filled skips and shop empty skips until indexed by THE CLEINT. Treatment facility should certainly have capability to recover, retail store and transport base essential oil from treated cuttings for the dock
6) Hazardous waste materials landfill for treated deposit disposal.

As we are genuine solids control and drilling waste management equipment producer, we cannot offer the services. But we recommend specialist drilling waste management vendor to them. In this case, we can cohesiveness with the Service Company, and give very good equipment and service to the bottom user.
The main equipment stated in the project is heat desorption unit (TUD), GN can offer mobile thermal desorption unit (TUD), including Serving Hopper, burner, thermal desorption unit, cyclone dust parting, vapor recovery unit, essential oil water separator, water tank, cooling tower, water screen duster, condenser, process control etc .
Except for TDU, GN Solids Control also create all line of solids control equipment, eg. Shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, agitator, centrifugal pump, 1000gpm mud cleaning system, 500gpm mud system etc .

One More Step, High-Tech Enterprise Awarded

Well for our
partners, the clients who already purchased several times, and still repeating
orders, this is just another certificate. This is not the first day GN keep
investing on a better tech and used in our products, and apply for more and
more  solid liquid separation purpose.

For the potential
ones, you may probabaly checking this post, or going to share this with your
friends, GN is now meaning to do more on some products we investigate, design,
produce by ourselves. The latest largest decision on this is, we decided to manufacture
verticle cuttings dryer by ourselves. Go back to that time, even a cuttings
for mining is not a popular product, and no one have expected a good
future on that. But we know when we care more about the environment, we will
need this. And as it was, early 2015, Chinese government getting more strict on
environmental protection, GN have already sold a lot to international market,
and get good feedbacks, at the same time, others wake up from their

Congratulations on
GN Solids Control! The honor certificate
is issued by the association of provincial Science and Technology Dept.,
Financial Dept. and Tax Bureau. This honor title not only shows the recognition
from government on GN’s consistently R&D to technical achievement, but also
means that from now on GN has stepped into a new fast way of technological

Keep tune with GN,
a developing company who keep investing, and stepping forward. More stunning
news on the way.

Two Sets Close Loop Drilling Waste Management System for Domestic Oilfield Project

Because of the more strict environmental regulation
on drilling project that no cuttings without treatment are allowed to be
discharged into directly into the pit and buried, almost all drilling sites
equip themselves with drilling waste management system.
In 2015, GN solids control, the international brand of solids control and drilling
waste management, has delivered to over 30 sets drilling waste management
equipment to China’s drilling site. Recently, another two sets of drilling
waste management equipment starts to operate in China’s oilfield drilling site.
For the drilling waste management, high G shaker is generally used to treat water based mud
cuttings as the first stage, and then the liquids will be fed into the high
speed decanter centrifuge for second stage treatment; vertical cutting dryer is
generally used to treat oil based mud cuttings as the first stage, and also the
second stage treatment machine is decanter centrifuge.

Since GN firstly designed and manufactured
the vertical cutting dryer in 2011, GN has many successful case now. One of
them is the oilfield service Giant Baker Huges ,who took 4 sets complete
drilling waste management system from GN and applied it in Siberia with very
low temperature at minus 40.
More cases: 
More videos:

With our 650,000 SF facility and advanced
processing machineries, GN produce the state of the art solids control and
waste management products. GN Solids Control is the first API certified
solidscontrol company in China, and GN is also certified by Europe DNV CE and
Russia TP RU as well as HSE system. Since GN Solids Control market position is
the middle and top level clients at home and abroad. So our main competitors
are from US and Europe, this put us to make the best quality products withthe
best material and technology

High speed vertical cuttings centrifuge system

GN Solids Control is China leading
Centrifuge system supplier. The Centrifuge includes horizontal decanter
centrifuge & vertical cuttings centrifuge. The centrifuge system can be
used for oil drilling, core washing, etc different energy fields.

GN Horizontal decanter centrifuge system

This centrifuge system may includes
different parts from shale shaker, desander mud cleaner, desilter mud cleaner, decanter
centrifuge, all of them is the combination of 4 phase mud solids separation
system; big capacity mud tanks with mud agitators and mud guns is necessary for
all the mud system. This is necessary equipment for oil & gas drilling
rigs. Formerly, there are only US company can offer that, but now more and more
drilling companies, oil service companies, solids control service companies
come to China, come to GN Solids Control for factory inspections and place


GN Vertical cuttings centrifuge system

GN Vertical cuttings centrifuge system is
also called vertical cuttings dryer system. This name resource from the
function of the equipment, to dry the solids.
The vertical cuttings dryer system should include Hi-G dryer / vertical
cuttings dryer, dryer feeding screw conveyor,
decanter centrifuge, centrifuge feed pump etc. Mud tanks with mud
agitators is also necessary for the system. All the system should mount on the
mud tanks and the drilling mud need to be diluted and suspended by mud

This vertical cuttings dryer system can
working besides the GN horizontal decanter centrifuge system, to treat the
online drilling cuttings and recover the useful based mud.

GN Solids Control is leading manufacturer
for all the machines related to solids control & drilling waste
. For the time being, GN is popular brand in domestic market
and overseas market. With over 20million US sales amount , with GN overseas
branch in Houston, US & Russia branch, GN equipment have been exported to
Middle East, North Africa, South America, Latin America, Australia, Russia,
Asia. If you need any support, pls contact us freely. Thanks for reading.

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Closed Loop Drilling Mud Solids Control System Minimize the Waste on Drilling Liquids

nowadays the drilling liquids is broadlyutilized in drilling projects and underneath the strict regulation on atmosphere protection, the ways to minimize the release of environment hazardous waste solids and maximum the drilling liquids recovery must be the mainstream subject in the industry.

The using of mud tank to keep the drilling liquids returning in the drill well continues to be broadly identified and accepted by all of the drilling companies. Without digging a mud pit on the floor help reduce the pollution towards the soil. Specifically for some limited job area, the mud tank will be the preferred option for drilling liquids. The using of the several types of the solids control equipment highly accelerates the separation of solids in drilling liquids.

The closed loop drilling mud solids control system, if complete configuration, consists 2 parts. Drilling mud is used in solids control and waste drilling cuttings treatment. The objective of this 2 parts is similar for minimize the release of environment hazardous waste solids and maximum the drilling liquids recovery.

For solids control, after discharged rough the shale shaker, desander, desilter, the decanter centrifuge. The ultra fine solids contaminants could be removed out of the drilling mud, after that the drilling mud can be reused.

The drilling waste cuttings treatment part is performed to recovery whenever possible the drilling liquids making the cuttings dry enough for simple transportation to help environment friendly through treatment. The cuttings out of the solids control shale shaker and desander, desilter could be moved to drying equipment first. The drying equipment could be different due to that the water based mud or oil based mud can be used. A higher G drying shaker is the best for water based drilling mud cuttings. The Verti G cuttings dryer is always utilized for drying the water based and oil based cuttings.

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