Based on the latest news through the agency of international energy, producing oil has a tiny bit growth in comparison with the former estimate, since the economy of the world is still suffering a really weak growth.

Also it appears the OPEC (Organization of Oil Conveying Nations)unwilling to give belief about the growing yield of oil in the next year .there has been not any signs of this situation so far.

International Energy Agency has create a second estimate and cut lower the development of oil demand by 3 hundred thousand barrels every single day, in comparison with the former estimate this can be a sharp decrease. They feel the following year’s demand growth come in the range of 1 million to 94 million. Besides, they believe within this year the development of oil demand is roughly from two-hundred thousand barrels each day to zero point seven barrels each day.

However, you will find several regions or nations includes a slightly oil production growth. The oil producer of OPEC, for example Saudi Arabia has created a lot more barrels oil, from fifty thousand barrels every single day to roughly tens of millions of barrels each day in September. Many people think that the oil production growth will has some great quantity which can make a large jump (one-hundred and thirty thousand) in the next year.

For all of us, some surveys recommended the oil production could keep growing and exceed Saudi Arabian oil supplies and Russian oil supplies.

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