In the Oil and Gas drilling area, for dealing with the drilling mud, there’s not just solids control systems and drilling waste management systems. But additionally, the liquid mud plants, also is known as LMP. Aside from the solids control system and drilling waste management systems, GN Solids Control also provide complete LMP or according tools available.

 What’s LMP?

 LMP is brief for Liquid Mud Plant, generally used beside a solids control system or any other mud systems for storage the drilling mud. To be able to avoid mud from settling, most significant tools utilized in LMP are mud agitators and mud guns. In a certain distance, usually every 3 meters, there’s a mud agitator and beside each agitator, there’s a mud gun. As well as jet mud mixing tools, like centrifugal pumps and mud mixing hoppers, utilized for adding and mixing the harmful chemicals towards the drilling mud and a preferred mud proportion.

 Using LMPs?

 Anybody using drilling mud in their projects or for their clients, could use LMPs. those companies consist although not limited to:

 1. Drilling company’s workers who provide their clients drilling service using their own rigs and solids control systems.

 2. Drilling Mud/Liquid companies, who don’t directly participate in drilling works, however they provide drilling mud towards the customers and reclaim the mud back and reserve it for next use.

 GN Solids Control offer LMP to the clients both domestic and abroad. As well as, some LMP customers purchase tools from GN Solids Control when reviving their LMP, because evaluating with tanks, the facility is to some extent consumable. At the same time, plenty of large tank producers established a lengthy-term co-operation with GN Solids Control by continuously buying mud agitators and mud guns from GN.

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