GN Total Solution for drilling waste management

GN Solids Control is the first Tiongkok
drilling waste management gear company who can offer full solution for drilling
waste management Service Company.

Regarding Oil-based mud drilling cuttings, the entire solution of drilling
waste management
including below methods:
Step 1: Vertical
cuttings dryer
. Use this VG dryer to take care of the drilling cuttings,
get the valuable oil based soil. The OOC after cure can be 3%-5%.
Step 2: Energy Desorption Unit. After VG dryer, the solids can TDU for
nonhazardous ultimate treatment. After TDU, this inflatable water, oil and
solids may be separated in accepted level which comply with most of country’s
government policy on enviromentally friendly protection
Step 3: Decanter
. After VG dryer, typically the liquid part (drilling fluids) can
go to centrifuge to remove often the fine solids and get back to active mud
tank regarding reuse. Some client allow liquid part discharged via VG dryer go
back to lively mud tank
system immediately. This is also OK.

Regarding normal water based mud drilling clippings, the total solution of drilling
waste management including down below steps:
Step 1: High Grams drying shaker ( HG dryer). Use this HG dryer to treat the
drilling waste, recover the valuable drinking water based mud for using again.
The mud on waste after treatment can be all-around 10%.
Step 2: Solidification product. After HG dryer, the actual solids part can be
put straight into solidification unit to blending with cement or chemical
substances to get nonhazardous treatment.
Step: Decanter Centrifuge. After HG dryer, the liquid aspect (drilling fluids)
can go to centrifuge to remove the fine solid waste and go back to active
magnetic tank for reuse. A few client let the liquid portion discharged from HG
dryer go back to active mud container system directly. This is also ALL RIGHT.
GN Solids Control will be the
first solids control devices supplier with China basic & USA base and
Russia base from China. All of our equipment is working in over 70 countries
and areas, increasing good reputation from many purchasers.

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