GN Company Attend 2019 OTC Exhibition

The Offshore Technology Conference (OTC) was founded in 1969, it tends to be the world’s most important exhibition event in Oil Drilling, Development, Production, Environmental Protection, etc, with support of 12 professional industry organizations such as the American Petroleum Institute.

The OTC is the largest oil industry event in the world. It attracted 2,000 exhibitors from 47 countries, and 101,500 visitors from 141 countries around the world in 2018, with a total exhibition area of 697,800 square feet, and exhibition criteria as below,
Petroleum machinery equipment
Oilfield chemicals
Technical Services, etc.

GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of separation equipment for 11 years, including solids control equipment and waste management equipment, with supplying equipment to about 76 countries, including Middle East, Canada, Australia, USA, Russia, China, etc.

GN Company attended the OTC exhibition in 2019, and showed Decanter Centrifuge, Sludge/Solids Vacuum Pump, Mud Shaker, Centrifugal Sand Pump, etc.

Decanter Centrifuge can be widely used for Wastewater & Sewage Treatment, Mud/Sludge Dewatering, Oil Sludge Treatment and recovering, etc.

Sludge/Solids Vacuum Pump can be widely used for Solids, Slurry, Powder transferring. 100% pneumatic driven vacuum pump, and can be widely used for different industries, such as mining, construction, and petrochemical.

Welcome to contact GN Company for consulting exact solution for your project, as we can offer One Stop Turnkey Solution for Waste Water Treatment, Solid Liquid Separation, Oil Sludge Treatment, etc.

GN Solids Control Equipment for 3 Rigs Sailing for Russia

In old China, in the agriculture world, the autumn is the best season of year, because it is the season for harvest and rewards of one year’s hard work. Now, in this autumn, GN Solids Control is being rewarded for its hard work, too. Although the big situation is not so good, GN Solids Control is working well, always have orders waiting.
Just early this month, at beginning of 2017 autumn, GN just delivered solids control equipment for complete 3 sets of drilling rigs for Russia, including:

GN solids control for Russia
GN provides 3 sets solids control equipment for Russia

  1. Shale shakers of 9 sets: GNZS594E Shale shaker, linear motional shaker screens with 4 pieces composite material shaker screens. The screen area could reach 2.73 square meters
    1. Mud cleaners of GNZJ594E-3S16N, with 3 of 10 inch desander cones and 16 of 4 inch desilter cones. For each solids control system, there are one set of mud cleaner.
  2. GNZJ594E series mud cleaners share same shaker with GNZS594E shale shakers, with interchangeable spare parts for shaker parts and shaker screens.
  3.  GNLW decanter centrifuges of 6 sets. Decanter centrifuges are GN core products, and GNLW series decanter centrifuges’ sizes range from 9 inch to up to 30 inch. Big bowl middle speed decanter centrifuge GNLW452 are widely used for barite recovery of solids control systems and high speed centrifuges are used for waste management systems for the extra fine particles remove.
  4. Centrifugal pumps, GNSB series centrifugal pumps are used for feeding the desander and desilter cones, and also for the mixing hoppers’ feeding.

Besides above mentioned equipment, GN also provide the mixing hoppers, mud agitators, mud guns and other equipment, mud tanks for solids control equipment, and also for drilling waste management system for both drilling cuttings and drilling fluid.

GN Solids Control Equipments Sailing for Russia

It has been years since GN
products became popular among Russian companies, especially for Drilling
companies and oilfield service companies. Not long ago, there are a lot of solids control equipments shipped
to Russian for a drilling rig’s complete solids control line, including shale
, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuges of middle speed and high
speed, the vacuum
, and feeding pumps for desander and desilter
cones for the mud cleaner, the feeding pumps for the decanter centrifuges and
also, the mud mixers and mud guns.

In fact, ever since GN Solids
Control was established years ago, the foreign market has been occupying a
large share of GN Solids Control’s market share. Not only the Russian spoken
countries, but also the Middle East, the Asian countries, the South American
countries and the high standard market including the European countries and
Australia, GN Solids Control has been their first choice among all Chinese

Why not other brands come from
USA or Europe?

GN Solids Control has been
providing the solids control industry with its high standard international standard
products. GN always believes in Quality first, price second. After becoming the
first API certified solids control manufacturer in China, GN Solids Control has
been certified by HSE, ISO, DNV CE and many other certificates internationally. GN Solids American is
the first USA based solids control company from China, and before the establish
of GN US branch, GN’s products have been accepted by US and Canadian clients
and have been competing with them in their local market. Until now, GN’s
products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world.

Why choose GN among all Chinese
suppliers in this field?

Of course, quality and reliability
are always most important factors when the end users choose the brand or
supplier. GN Solids Control has a good reputation during the years, and clients
mostly come from introduction by old clients. There is an old Chinese saying
that seeing is believing, at any time, welcome to visit and inspect GN factory
and office near to Beijing airport, the capital of China.

GN Total Solution for drilling waste management

GN Solids Control is the first Tiongkok
drilling waste management gear company who can offer full solution for drilling
waste management Service Company.

Regarding Oil-based mud drilling cuttings, the entire solution of drilling
waste management
including below methods:
Step 1: Vertical
cuttings dryer
. Use this VG dryer to take care of the drilling cuttings,
get the valuable oil based soil. The OOC after cure can be 3%-5%.
Step 2: Energy Desorption Unit. After VG dryer, the solids can TDU for
nonhazardous ultimate treatment. After TDU, this inflatable water, oil and
solids may be separated in accepted level which comply with most of country’s
government policy on enviromentally friendly protection
Step 3: Decanter
. After VG dryer, typically the liquid part (drilling fluids) can
go to centrifuge to remove often the fine solids and get back to active mud
tank regarding reuse. Some client allow liquid part discharged via VG dryer go
back to lively mud tank
system immediately. This is also OK.

Regarding normal water based mud drilling clippings, the total solution of drilling
waste management including down below steps:
Step 1: High Grams drying shaker ( HG dryer). Use this HG dryer to treat the
drilling waste, recover the valuable drinking water based mud for using again.
The mud on waste after treatment can be all-around 10%.
Step 2: Solidification product. After HG dryer, the actual solids part can be
put straight into solidification unit to blending with cement or chemical
substances to get nonhazardous treatment.
Step: Decanter Centrifuge. After HG dryer, the liquid aspect (drilling fluids)
can go to centrifuge to remove the fine solid waste and go back to active
magnetic tank for reuse. A few client let the liquid portion discharged from HG
dryer go back to active mud container system directly. This is also ALL RIGHT.
GN Solids Control will be the
first solids control devices supplier with China basic & USA base and
Russia base from China. All of our equipment is working in over 70 countries
and areas, increasing good reputation from many purchasers.

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Water based mud drilling waste management system for CNPC & Sinopec

Since the new regulations for China oilfield
environment is issued, GN solids control has
provided over 25 sets of drilling waste management system for their water based
drilling fluids.

The main features of GN drilling cuttings treatment
system including:

1 Modular design: vertical
cuttings dryer
, high G dryer, decanter centrifuge are all set on top of the
telescopic skid as a separate module, each module can be used separately when
the actual situation is required by the rigsite, and they can be used together
for best performance.

2 Less cost, good effect, the cuttings discharged from
the vertical cuttings dryer is dry as powder, which can be disposal directly or
used for construction industry without damage of the environment. Before using
GN drilling waste management equipments, the drilling company use the truck to
ship the drilling cuttings from the mud pit to a waste management factory, the
liquid waste spray out and they get a lot of complains from the farmers.

3 To recycle/reuse the clean fluids and less the
drilling cost. The working principal of GN drilling cuttings treatment system
is mechanical separation, without any chemicals additives. The clean fluids
discharged from
decanter centrifuge
can be used for preparing the drilling fluids. Unlike
other supplier’s proposal, we do not add chemicals during the process, it will
not damage the configuration of the original drilling fluids, it can save a lot
of cost for the drilling fluids and less the waste treatment cost.

4 The high-G dryer is used to less the fine solids
content of the drilling fluids before feeding to the decanter centrifuge, the
unique design can make the centrifuge working longer time with less wear on the
screw impeller.

5 The drilling
waste management system
for water based drilling fluids can be also used
for your oil based cuttings treatment, you do not have buy another unit , this
modular waste management system can be used for both of your applications.