GN solids control tell you what is a mud gun ?

As a liading muaufacturer with regard to
drilling mud solids control & waste management devices such as mud gun,
straight cutting, screw conveyor, shale shaker, screw pump, mud cleaner,
oilfield shale shaker,
and desilter, machine degasser, decanter centrifuge, very poor boy
degasser, mud agitator,
mud tank, shear pump,
etc . Our own product served in around 60 countries, with organizations or
partner in Ough. S., Russia, Auatralia, Latina America and Middle Far east.
GN drilling fluid mud gun is a device familiar with agitate drilling mud with a
drilling rig. More of a nozzle than a gun, a mud gun is connected to a new pump
to circulate the going mud and prevent the solids from settling in the mud tank. also depending on
the quantity being used and the pit measurement. They are best used in tank
corners to keep solids through settling and a mud agitator is placed in the
tank heart.

GN premium quality mud gun is considered to be one of the longest prolonged on
the market today. Drilling mud can be a wet substance that is similar to a
thick clay and is also used to cool the exercise head and carry typically the
remnants of drilling for the surface in water properly drilling and oil as well
as gas drilling operations. GN mission mud gun is really a inexpensive solution
to a likely expensive problem. Mud is done by mixing water or even oil with a
clay-like ingredient that also contains several other chemicals into a big tank
called the mud tank on a drilling rig.
GN mud gun
is a 360˚ rotating swivel body, plus the ability to be
customized to the length, flanged or threaded.
Replacement parts for GN mud guns can be ordered by GN Solids Control Company.,
Ltd. GN is a fprofessional solids control system manufactuer in china. Any
problem i highly recommend you contract us on the web:

GN Solids Control dispatching equipment to overseas market

Recently, GN Solids Control just dispatch one set
solids control equipment to
overseas market, Middle East country. The end user is Middle East horizontal
directional drilling contractor with over 10 sets HDD drilling rigs. After they
come to Beijing and inspection GN factory, they releaser order for one batch of
equipment. The solids control equipment includes:


6 sets centrifugal pump for mixing/ transferring
drilling mud. Electrical control panel with necessary cables is also included.

2 sets shale shaker for drilling mud first phase
separation. The shaker is GN popular 3 panel shaker GNZS703.

2 sets mud cleaner for drilling mud second and
third phase separation. The mud cleaner with 2pcs desander cones and 12pcs
desilter cones is working well at customer’s drilling rig site now. Down deck
shaker is same as GNZS703.

2 pcs mud hopper with size about 1100 X 680 size.

8 pcs mud agitator to
mount on mud tanks to agitating and suspending the drilling mud.

8 pcs mud gun work together with drilling mud

4 pcs mud tanks similar size to 20ft container
for storage drilling mud. The customer already have some tanks for recycling the drilling mud.

After receive the solids control equipment, the
customer is professional enough for the rig up. If the customer have questions,
we can communicate with email & pictures. Generally, problem will be solved
very soon. For the new customer who just enter into HDD field, they may ask for
help from us for the first time rig up. GN Solids Control can offer solids
control equipment & solids control service training at same time.

Except for solids control equipment, GN can offer
drilling waste management equipment.
Like decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, screw conveyors, hi g
dryers, thermal desorption unit, solidification unit etc, and the whole process
from on line drilling cuttings management to final stage of changing drilling
cuttings to ashes.

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Solids Control Liquid Mud Plant (LMP)

In the Oil and Gas drilling area, for dealing with the drilling mud, there’s not just solids control systems and drilling waste management systems. But additionally, the liquid mud plants, also is known as LMP. Aside from the solids control system and drilling waste management systems, GN Solids Control also provide complete LMP or according tools available.

 What’s LMP?

 LMP is brief for Liquid Mud Plant, generally used beside a solids control system or any other mud systems for storage the drilling mud. To be able to avoid mud from settling, most significant tools utilized in LMP are mud agitators and mud guns. In a certain distance, usually every 3 meters, there’s a mud agitator and beside each agitator, there’s a mud gun. As well as jet mud mixing tools, like centrifugal pumps and mud mixing hoppers, utilized for adding and mixing the harmful chemicals towards the drilling mud and a preferred mud proportion.

 Using LMPs?

 Anybody using drilling mud in their projects or for their clients, could use LMPs. those companies consist although not limited to:

 1. Drilling company’s workers who provide their clients drilling service using their own rigs and solids control systems.

 2. Drilling Mud/Liquid companies, who don’t directly participate in drilling works, however they provide drilling mud towards the customers and reclaim the mud back and reserve it for next use.

 GN Solids Control offer LMP to the clients both domestic and abroad. As well as, some LMP customers purchase tools from GN Solids Control when reviving their LMP, because evaluating with tanks, the facility is to some extent consumable. At the same time, plenty of large tank producers established a lengthy-term co-operation with GN Solids Control by continuously buying mud agitators and mud guns from GN.

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The Mud Gun’s Working Principle

Solids control service providers all over the world are common use the rectangular drilling fluid circulating tank for the reason that installation and migration performance of the system is very effective. At the same time, it doesn’t matter how good the mud agitator perform in excellent situation, the drilling fluid tank have the ability to corners that mud agitator’s propellers cannot reach and stir. In an effort to resolve this condition, install the mud gun in the top of the tank to agitate the far corner of the mud tank.

Mud gun functions as supportive machinery to the mud agitator.  It comes along with nozzle that either made fixed angle or 360 degree ration angles the positive spray-effect distance of mug gun is approx. 3 meters long. The gun size is involved with drilling fluid density, viscosity and nozzle spray speed.  Mud gun is mounted the top of the mud tank can be need adjusted as need whenever you want. The mud gun is connected with a motor-pump to stir the drilling mud and stop the solids from sinking on the base of the mud tank. The mud is mixed by being suck- withdraw into a pipe by a powerful pump and inject back into the mud tank by being pressured carry on the nozzle of the mud gun. The procedure is almost like how a jet sprays in the dish washer disposal.

Drilling mud is a wet mud like substance resembles like thick clay and is accustomed to retain the drill head in controlled-temperature and bear there mains of drilling cutting to the surface in water and oil and gas drilling operations. The mud is recycled and reused by passing it through several steps of filter and cleaning by screens of the shale shaker or mud cleaner and decanter centrifuge as it is circulated into the mud tanks then returning to the drill well on the drilling rig. So as to keep the mud as liquid-liked as they possibly can, a mud gun and mud agitator is utilized to keep the tank agitated and mixed.  Drilling mud is made by mixing water and oil with a clay-like substance and also other chemicals.