GN Supplied 2 Units of Drilling Cuttings Management Systems for Chinese Client

Recently GN Company finished production of 2 units of Drilling Cuttings Management Systems for Xinjiang, China client, and would arrange shipment to client’s work site soon.

The Drilling Cuttings Management System is used for recovering drilling fluids from drilling cuttings as much as possible for reuse, which can save cost and protect environment.

There are two kinds of Drilling Cuttings, Oil based drilling cuttings and Water based drilling cuttings.

For oil based drilling cuttings, GN Company’s System can reduce the oil on the cuttings to 3%-5%.
For water based drilling cuttings, GN Company’s System can reduce moisture content for easy transportation.

This Xinjiang client ordered Oil Based Drilling Cuttings Treatment System. Oil Based Drilling Cuttings Treatment System includes two parts, cuttings drying module and fine solids removing module.

Cuttings Drying Module, its key equipment is Vertical Cuttings Dryer. Its working procedure is feeding Drilling Cuttings into Vertical Cuttings Dryer, then separating oil from cuttings, and passing through the screen opening to the collection groove inside the dryer unit, it is achieved by centrifugal force.
Opening size of the dryer screen is designed of 250, 350 and 500 microns as options for different size cuttings drying. And vertical cuttings dryer is equipped with flushing system and air knife system for cleaning of the mud collection groove and screen, in order to avoid block.

Fine Solids Removing Module, its key equipment is decanter centrifuge. The liquid effluence discharged from the cutting dryer would be pumped into decanter centrifuge for polishing treatment to remove the fine solids in drilling fluids. GN Company can manufacture decanter centrifuge from 9 inch (220mm) ~ 30 inch (760mm), with bowl length and diameter ration up to 4.2, and adjustable G force up to 3000G, for reaching client’s requirement in different projects.

Welcome to contact GN Company for technical specifications and work site reference.

GN Drilling Waste Management Equipemnt for 3 Rigs Roaming Nigeria

Few days before, GN’s
waste management equipment
with regard to 3 rigs passed the particular
commissioning and started running inside Nigeria. Total 33 products equipment
were involved such as waste cuttings drying gear, ultra fine solids parting
equipment and transferring products. The pictures was taken through our
commissioning engineer whenever completion of the installation as well as
The client is one of the major drilling contractors in Nigeria, this is already
the 3rd purchase from this clients. Before this particular project, the client
order ten units waste decanter
and 1 complete mud plant system from GN Solids Control.
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All these 33 units equipment are usually listed as below:
three or more set vertical
cuttings dryer
which is main drying devices for waste cuttings, with all
the max. speed up to twelve hundred RPM, the G pressure could be up to 750.

some sets high speed VFD decanter centrifuges would meet the client’s different
requests on surgery speed and waste ailments.
Total 9 unit twist pumps, with 6 of those for feeding the aura discharged out
from the vertical cuttings dryer to decanter centrifuges, while the other 3
model for flushing to clean typically the cuttings dryer.
15 established screw conveyors are located about site accordingly for switching
the drilling waste into the dryer unit and accumulating the solids discharged
in the dryer and centrifuge.
In accordance with the feedback from the client, immediately after several
orders of GN’s equipment, they are very more comfortable with the performance.
This time, they will replaced all the equipment at a USA brand that pricing a
little high by using GN’s equipment with good feedback on both the cost and

GN nowadays has developed a series of tools especially for drilling waste
management also including the dewatering system and solidification unit. When any
request aroused, simply feel free to contact with us.

Water based mud drilling waste management system for CNPC & Sinopec

Since the new regulations for China oilfield
environment is issued, GN solids control has
provided over 25 sets of drilling waste management system for their water based
drilling fluids.

The main features of GN drilling cuttings treatment
system including:

1 Modular design: vertical
cuttings dryer
, high G dryer, decanter centrifuge are all set on top of the
telescopic skid as a separate module, each module can be used separately when
the actual situation is required by the rigsite, and they can be used together
for best performance.

2 Less cost, good effect, the cuttings discharged from
the vertical cuttings dryer is dry as powder, which can be disposal directly or
used for construction industry without damage of the environment. Before using
GN drilling waste management equipments, the drilling company use the truck to
ship the drilling cuttings from the mud pit to a waste management factory, the
liquid waste spray out and they get a lot of complains from the farmers.

3 To recycle/reuse the clean fluids and less the
drilling cost. The working principal of GN drilling cuttings treatment system
is mechanical separation, without any chemicals additives. The clean fluids
discharged from
decanter centrifuge
can be used for preparing the drilling fluids. Unlike
other supplier’s proposal, we do not add chemicals during the process, it will
not damage the configuration of the original drilling fluids, it can save a lot
of cost for the drilling fluids and less the waste treatment cost.

4 The high-G dryer is used to less the fine solids
content of the drilling fluids before feeding to the decanter centrifuge, the
unique design can make the centrifuge working longer time with less wear on the
screw impeller.

5 The drilling
waste management system
for water based drilling fluids can be also used
for your oil based cuttings treatment, you do not have buy another unit , this
modular waste management system can be used for both of your applications.


GN Presentation

Hebei GN Solids Control Limited Company is a China & USA based
manufacturer of complete line solids control equipment; waste management equipment and shaker screens. Though
established in 2007, GN solids control has been growing fast and stably:


1. GN solids control
occupies the largest portion in the international market among all China’s manufactures;

2. Already exported
to over 60 countries, 70% turnover comes from export;

3. Firstly set up USA based branch with warehouse
among all China’s solids control manufacturers

4. Partners in
Australia, the Middle East, and the Latin America have been developed.

5. A GN brand
achieved with the target to medium-high end customers;

Mainly, GN product line includes:

Solids control equipment-shale shaker, vacuum degasser, desander,
desilter, mud cleaner, and decanter centrifuge, also mixing device such as mud
hopper, agitator and mud gun;

Auxiliary pumps, safety device-mud gas separator and flare

Waste management equipment- high G shaker, vertical cutting dryer, decanter

Shaker screens with a specialized facility to produce, also replaceable screens for all famous brand shale shakers.
Mainly applied in Mining and industrial field, oil and gas drilling; HDD or CBM

Always, people may not trust blank words on the high quality, so
GN powerful facility will say; GN professional certificates will say.

GN owns a 65000 square meters manufacturing facility in a
well-developed industrial area, near to Beijing, 40km to Beijing International
Airport. After the presentation, we’ll show your around all workshops one by
one: firstly warehouse, workshop 1 for raw material processing; workshop 2
assembly, workshop 3 for centrifuge and vertical cutting dryer where CNC
machines are used to control quality and increase productivity, workshop 4 for
painting with ball blasting machine and auto powder coating line.

Wide yard to place big project such as solids control system and
over 30 sets decanter centrifuges.

GN America Branch with warehouse;

Also specialized factory in Asia largest wire and mesh city to
produce screens for GN shaker, also for famous brand shakers such as Derrick,

New factory especially for centrifuges is close to be finished,
ready for operation one or two month later.

GN is the first API certified solids control manufacture in China,
also certified by ISO 9001:2008, DNV CE. Russia TR&TC, HSE for safe
production; also ATEX IECEX for electric control panels.

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Used 14inch bowl decanter centrifuge for sale

GN solids America has
a used 14inch
bowl decanter centrifuge
for sale in our
Houston warehouse, the address is 6710 windfern road, Houston, TX 77040,
welcome to drop by our warehouse and check it.  

The specification of
the centrifuge is as below:

Decanter centrifuge
bow diameter: 14 inch

Bowl length: 50 inch

Effective treating
capacity: 132gpm at drilling fluids, but the treating capacity will varies at
different density & viscosity drilling fluids

Max bowl speed
3900rpm and normal working bowl speed is 3200rpm

The separation cut
point is 2~5 microns

Max G force up to

The electrical
control panel is IEC explosion proof standard which comply with US oilfield

The centrifuge is for
3 month rental only, now we will sell it with good discount, welcome to contact
our sales for price offer.

Features of the

1 bowl material made
of duplex stainless steel 2205 and the other parts are made of SS316L

Screw conveyor
is protected by tungsten carbide tiles

3 Screw flow
distribution port is protected by tungsten alloy

4 SKF bearing for
longer service life

Application of GN
stocked centrifuge:

1 Solids control
system, low gravity solids

2 Drilling cuttings
waste management, worked together with GNCD930
vertical cuttings dryer

3 Waste water

4 dewatering system

GN can provide low
speed pulley to use it for high gravity solids and barite recovery. We can also
provide telescopic skid to put the centrifuge on for convenient operation, the
feeding pump is optional.

We have another 3
sets of same model centrifuges for rent in the States, the specification is
equivalent to Derrick DE1000 / Swaco 518 / NOV Brandt
HS3400. We will show GNLW363 series decanter centrifuge at OTC
2015 oil show
,we have 2 stands at
OTC, welcome to visit our booth at:

Reliant Arena Booth A
(290SF) No.: 9225-2  – Hebei GN Solids Control Co.,Ltd
Reliant Arena Booth B (200SF) No.: 6137        –
GN Solids America LLC

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