Two Sets Close Loop Drilling Waste Management System for Domestic Oilfield Project

Because of the more strict environmental regulation
on drilling project that no cuttings without treatment are allowed to be
discharged into directly into the pit and buried, almost all drilling sites
equip themselves with drilling waste management system.
In 2015, GN solids control, the international brand of solids control and drilling
waste management, has delivered to over 30 sets drilling waste management
equipment to China’s drilling site. Recently, another two sets of drilling
waste management equipment starts to operate in China’s oilfield drilling site.
For the drilling waste management, high G shaker is generally used to treat water based mud
cuttings as the first stage, and then the liquids will be fed into the high
speed decanter centrifuge for second stage treatment; vertical cutting dryer is
generally used to treat oil based mud cuttings as the first stage, and also the
second stage treatment machine is decanter centrifuge.

Since GN firstly designed and manufactured
the vertical cutting dryer in 2011, GN has many successful case now. One of
them is the oilfield service Giant Baker Huges ,who took 4 sets complete
drilling waste management system from GN and applied it in Siberia with very
low temperature at minus 40.
More cases: 
More videos:

With our 650,000 SF facility and advanced
processing machineries, GN produce the state of the art solids control and
waste management products. GN Solids Control is the first API certified
solidscontrol company in China, and GN is also certified by Europe DNV CE and
Russia TP RU as well as HSE system. Since GN Solids Control market position is
the middle and top level clients at home and abroad. So our main competitors
are from US and Europe, this put us to make the best quality products withthe
best material and technology

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