GN dewatering centrifuge for Tunneling in Singapore

GN dewatering centrifuge is working well for Tunneling in Singapore, our engineer just finished the first time installation and commissioning there and back to China. As per client’s request, our engineer can fly to the client’s site to support them for the first time installation, commissioning and training. If the equipments will work well or not, it will mostly depend on the proper maintenance and operation, we will train the client’s engineer how to operate it and how to do the maintenance.

The dewatering centrifuge system for Tunneling is to treat the waste mud / sludge/ water and reuse the water, the discharged solids should be dry enough to collect by bags then shipped by truck. The configuration is as below:
1) GNLW363-VFD decanter centrifuge is widely used for dewatering unit to treat the waste water
2) Chemical dosing system/ flocculation system
3) 20ft container with windows and doors.
4) Netzsch brand screw pump as the feeding pump of decanter centrifuge, which is the ideal feeding pump to control the frequency to control the flow rate, compared with centrifugal pump and slurry pump, it works more steadily.

Before feeding to the decanter centrifuge, we suggest the client to use a screen/ filter or high G drying shaker / desander / desilter before the dewatering centrifuge system, the purpose is to prevent course solids enter into the centrifuge and the screw will be damaged and centrifuge will be blocked. The core components of the centrifuge is the screw, GN centrifuge screw is completely made by stainless steel, and protected by tungsten carbide tiles, the fluids distribution port is protected by tungsten carbide alloy for wear resistant.
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GN Drilling Waste Management Equipemnt for 3 Rigs Roaming Nigeria

Few days before, GN’s
waste management equipment
with regard to 3 rigs passed the particular
commissioning and started running inside Nigeria. Total 33 products equipment
were involved such as waste cuttings drying gear, ultra fine solids parting
equipment and transferring products. The pictures was taken through our
commissioning engineer whenever completion of the installation as well as
The client is one of the major drilling contractors in Nigeria, this is already
the 3rd purchase from this clients. Before this particular project, the client
order ten units waste decanter
and 1 complete mud plant system from GN Solids Control.
Below back links to the other 2 projects intended for reference:
1 . Liquid Mud Plant System for Photography equipment Drilling
2 . Ten models GN Decanter Centrifuge regarding Africa Drilling Company
All these 33 units equipment are usually listed as below:
three or more set vertical
cuttings dryer
which is main drying devices for waste cuttings, with all
the max. speed up to twelve hundred RPM, the G pressure could be up to 750.

some sets high speed VFD decanter centrifuges would meet the client’s different
requests on surgery speed and waste ailments.
Total 9 unit twist pumps, with 6 of those for feeding the aura discharged out
from the vertical cuttings dryer to decanter centrifuges, while the other 3
model for flushing to clean typically the cuttings dryer.
15 established screw conveyors are located about site accordingly for switching
the drilling waste into the dryer unit and accumulating the solids discharged
in the dryer and centrifuge.
In accordance with the feedback from the client, immediately after several
orders of GN’s equipment, they are very more comfortable with the performance.
This time, they will replaced all the equipment at a USA brand that pricing a
little high by using GN’s equipment with good feedback on both the cost and

GN nowadays has developed a series of tools especially for drilling waste
management also including the dewatering system and solidification unit. When any
request aroused, simply feel free to contact with us.

Two Sets Close Loop Drilling Waste Management System for Domestic Oilfield Project

Because of the more strict environmental regulation
on drilling project that no cuttings without treatment are allowed to be
discharged into directly into the pit and buried, almost all drilling sites
equip themselves with drilling waste management system.
In 2015, GN solids control, the international brand of solids control and drilling
waste management, has delivered to over 30 sets drilling waste management
equipment to China’s drilling site. Recently, another two sets of drilling
waste management equipment starts to operate in China’s oilfield drilling site.
For the drilling waste management, high G shaker is generally used to treat water based mud
cuttings as the first stage, and then the liquids will be fed into the high
speed decanter centrifuge for second stage treatment; vertical cutting dryer is
generally used to treat oil based mud cuttings as the first stage, and also the
second stage treatment machine is decanter centrifuge.

Since GN firstly designed and manufactured
the vertical cutting dryer in 2011, GN has many successful case now. One of
them is the oilfield service Giant Baker Huges ,who took 4 sets complete
drilling waste management system from GN and applied it in Siberia with very
low temperature at minus 40.
More cases: 
More videos:

With our 650,000 SF facility and advanced
processing machineries, GN produce the state of the art solids control and
waste management products. GN Solids Control is the first API certified
solidscontrol company in China, and GN is also certified by Europe DNV CE and
Russia TP RU as well as HSE system. Since GN Solids Control market position is
the middle and top level clients at home and abroad. So our main competitors
are from US and Europe, this put us to make the best quality products withthe
best material and technology

Solids control equipment for 1000hp land drilling rig

GN Solids Control, as China top solids control manufacturer, exported 4 complete sets solids control equipment for 1000hp land drilling rigs to an North America drilling company. The drilling company also includes some replacement equipment for their previous land rig mud systems.

The order includes below solids control equipment:

1) Linear motion shale shaker model GNZS594E-HB, quantity 10 each

2) Vacuum degasser, GNZCQ270A, Quantity 4 ea

3) Desander mud cleaner,, quantity 5 ea

4) Desilter mud cleaner: quantity 7 ea

5) Different models centrifugal pumps, quantity 25 ea

6) Mud agitator,, quantity over 40 ea

7) Otherreplacement spare parts.

There are so many companies in China and out of China, why the customer finally choose GN after comparison?

1) GN Solids Control is the 1rst API certified solids control company in China. Now GN have CE certificate approved by DNV for European market.

2) GN is the first China solids control manufacturer who registered in Houston America and have a separate brand GN Solids America. All GN equipment made per international high standard.

3) GN company mission: Top brand and reasonable price. No lower, no higher.

4) As the fast developing company, GN think highly of customers’ feedback and keep improving quality and design.

5) GN centrifugal pumpinterchangeable with NOV mission pump. It makes customers easy for replacement and for stock spare parts.

6) GN have shaker model interchangeable with Swaco Mongoose and Derrick.

Besides mud solids control equipment, GN also make drilling cuttings treatment equipment. GN offer one-stop solution for drilling rigs.

Below is the main drilling waste managementequipment GN makes:

1) Drilling cuttings screw conveyer

2) Vertical cuttings dryer for both oil base mud and water base mud. The performance approved by jobsite test. While other brand, they can only be used for oil base mud.

3) High G drying shaker for water base mud

4) Dewatering unit for waste water treatment or water base mud treatment.