Chemical substance enhancing centrifuge system intended for oily sludge

Compared with drilling cuttings (discharged
from shale shaker), oil sludge much more difficult to be treated along with
recycled. To have better perception of oily sludge, we have to understand what
oily sludge is as well as where it is from. Could you get more info from a
search engine engine. And from under chapter, we can know how to cure the oily
sludge and results we can get after therapy.
GN Solids Control is definitely
China & USA primarily based leading manufacturer for soids control &
drilling waste materials management equipment
. Studied in addition to China
Oilfield Service Minimal (short for COSL), GN Solids Control develop the very
first sets of Chemical boosting centrifuge system for slimy sludge treatment in
commencing of 2015, after work site test and application, the result is great. COSL repeat another 3 sets centrifuge system
obtain in past several months.

1) Chemical enhancing centrifuge technique configuration:
a. one pieces small mud
to help suspending the oily sludge before treatment. Mud Brawler
installed to get better performance
udemærket. Chemical enhancing system. The consumer can add chemicals from
benefit hopper. All the motor with Chemical enhancing system is managed by a
separate panel attached with the system
c. one value packs GNLW363CG-VFD
decanter centrifuge
. This centrifuge speed can be easily tweaked by the
separate VFD cp and get stepless speed adjusting. The centrifuge can get to to
3200RPM, remove extra fine solids 2-5 microns. There is a catching tank under
the centrifuge to hold the fluids parts discharged from decanter centrifuge.
All the parts is created on a 11 meter more time oilfield skid, with moving
points for easier motion.
d. Screw conveyors is likewise necessary for the system, to shifting solids
discharge / with regard to other application.
GN solids Control offer 3 value packs 1000hp mud drilling process and 1 set
17-tanks liquid mud plant to be able to COSL in last
year. We all build strong relationship along with COSL and are registered
devices supplier for COSL, Cina largest offshore drilling builder.

two Package Drilling waste management instrumentation prepared delivery for continent market.

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