GN TDU for drilling waste material management

We have one consumer from Africa; require products & services for Winter Desorption Unit (TUD). Your customer gives requirements as down below:
1) Leak proof skips and waste oil aquariums (i. e., offshore mobile tanks) for the collection of
NAF drilled cuttings and other NAF rig wastes at THE CLEINT’s drilling rigs.
2) Pier access for PSVs supplied by THE CLEINT.
3) Dockside services (i. e., employees, cranes, and forklifts) intended for loading / offloading skips/waste oil tanks from the PSVs and loading the skips and / or waste oil fish tanks on trucks.
4) Passenger trucks for hauling the skips and / or waste oil storage containers to and from the treatment center and within the treatment facility and with hauling treated residue in the treatment facility to the landfill.
5) Treatment facility for the thermal digesting of NAF drilled cuttings and other NAF rig toxins, including any containers essential for transporting the treated silt to the landfill. Treatment facility should certainly have sufficient space to support filled skips and shop empty skips until indexed by THE CLEINT. Treatment facility should certainly have capability to recover, retail store and transport base essential oil from treated cuttings for the dock
6) Hazardous waste materials landfill for treated deposit disposal.

As we are genuine solids control and drilling waste management equipment producer, we cannot offer the services. But we recommend specialist drilling waste management vendor to them. In this case, we can cohesiveness with the Service Company, and give very good equipment and service to the bottom user.
The main equipment stated in the project is heat desorption unit (TUD), GN can offer mobile thermal desorption unit (TUD), including Serving Hopper, burner, thermal desorption unit, cyclone dust parting, vapor recovery unit, essential oil water separator, water tank, cooling tower, water screen duster, condenser, process control etc .
Except for TDU, GN Solids Control also create all line of solids control equipment, eg. Shale shaker, decanter centrifuge, mud cleaner, agitator, centrifugal pump, 1000gpm mud cleaning system, 500gpm mud system etc .

Mud Recycling Tank system for HDD

we have one overseas customers requiring one sets 500gpm mud recycling tank
system for HDD project. The client is GN old client who made the purchase set
500gpm system three years before. Now, they need much more equipment to support
the forthcoming new projects. Based on the previous mud system, the customers
give request on the specialized parameters

Part 1: Reuse unit:
Same layout being a original unit – shale
, shaker with desnader and desilter, 2x pumps for
cyclone and 1x feed transfer pump
Delete the actual mud hopper
Size of 40ft container with locking gadget for track
Recycle device will be 7. 5m size and rest of the length is drilling to be flat
skid for attach in Generator
Unit should have lifting hooks for motorised hoist
Feed hose entrance through pit and clean mud hose needs to be at the foundation
floor height – device is drilling to be mounting permanent on the right track.
Electrical panels must be elevation quality and have power socket with regard
to pit pump 22kw
Submersible slurry pump , or Pit pump 22kw x 2units
The thickness of the unit with the track folded cannot be more after that 2 .
Total elevation of the unit 3. 20m – so if volume dimensions are changed please
extend the size of the unit from 7. 5m to more.

Part 2: Exit pit shaker along with small tank:
Shale Shaker 500gpm
Mud Tank dimension 3m x 2 . 5m
Max height with shaker mounted 3. 2m
Move pump to push mud one 35 kg/cm3 to eight hundred distance (30-45kw motor)
Electric panel to operate shaker, move pump and to have electrical power and
operation of leave pit.
Lifting with motorised hoist

Part 3: Spare component list:
Shaker screens x 10pc (same as last offer)
Extra vibrator
Electrical extra buttons x 20pc
Extra cyclone desander
Spare cyclone desilter x 2 personal computer
After we have several e-mail communication and several times adjustments on the
drawing. The client is extremely happy with the commercial suggestion &
technical proposal. GN Solids Control is Tiongkok leading manufacturer for HDD
compact mud system along with other solids control equipment including Shale shaker, mud cleaner system ,
desander, desilter, vacuum degasser,
chemical mixing unit, jet shearing unit, mud agitator, bottom mud gun, transfer
pump, decanter centrifuge, vertical G cuttings dryer, could you contact us freely for any

GN Solids Control Equipments Sailing for Russia

It has been years since GN
products became popular among Russian companies, especially for Drilling
companies and oilfield service companies. Not long ago, there are a lot of solids control equipments shipped
to Russian for a drilling rig’s complete solids control line, including shale
, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuges of middle speed and high
speed, the vacuum
, and feeding pumps for desander and desilter
cones for the mud cleaner, the feeding pumps for the decanter centrifuges and
also, the mud mixers and mud guns.

In fact, ever since GN Solids
Control was established years ago, the foreign market has been occupying a
large share of GN Solids Control’s market share. Not only the Russian spoken
countries, but also the Middle East, the Asian countries, the South American
countries and the high standard market including the European countries and
Australia, GN Solids Control has been their first choice among all Chinese

Why not other brands come from
USA or Europe?

GN Solids Control has been
providing the solids control industry with its high standard international standard
products. GN always believes in Quality first, price second. After becoming the
first API certified solids control manufacturer in China, GN Solids Control has
been certified by HSE, ISO, DNV CE and many other certificates internationally. GN Solids American is
the first USA based solids control company from China, and before the establish
of GN US branch, GN’s products have been accepted by US and Canadian clients
and have been competing with them in their local market. Until now, GN’s
products have been exported to more than 60 countries and regions in the world.

Why choose GN among all Chinese
suppliers in this field?

Of course, quality and reliability
are always most important factors when the end users choose the brand or
supplier. GN Solids Control has a good reputation during the years, and clients
mostly come from introduction by old clients. There is an old Chinese saying
that seeing is believing, at any time, welcome to visit and inspect GN factory
and office near to Beijing airport, the capital of China.

The 5 steps purify drilling mud

Drilling mud purifications
is the basic to insure the function of drilling bit works properly and safely
for both oil rig equipments and many operators working around the clock in the
drilling field.  Needless to say, it is a
very costly operation if one or many steps of drilling operation go wrong, It
will leads operation cost of drilling rig go double in very short amount of
time that leads to increases of operation cost and late leads to increase the
production cost of oil.    

The first level of purification

The mud feed in the shale shaker. The allocation drilling fluid
enter into the bottom of the drilling well under the foundation of the drilling pump
and carry drilling debris return the ground,
through the feeding enter into the shale shaker, the larger solid debris in drilling fluid are filtered through shale
shaker screen.

The second level of purification

When drilling fluid have debris and also contain gas, The use of vacuum degasser remove the gas which in the
drilling fluid and can recover the density of drilling fluid, calm the drilling fluid viscosity.

The third level
of purification

The drilling fluid is disposed by two level purification enter into the desander.  Through the desander feed into the liquid pump, the harmful sold phase which the diameter
is above 40-60um is separated in desander.

The fourth level of purification

The drilling fluid is disposed by the three level purification enter into the desilter
through the desilter feed into the liquid pump, the harmful sold phase which the diameter is above
15-40um is separated in desilter


The fifth level of purification

The drilling is disposed by the four level purification enter into the decanter centrifuge through the centrifugal feed liquid pump, the
small harmful sold phase particles are separated in decanter centrifuge

GN Shaker Screen for Global Clients

Solids Control is a very famous company working on solids control and drilling waste management systems for many years. Many famous clients are
using GN equipments as well as GN solids control turnkey systems.

the establishment of GN Solids America and GN Solids Russia, GN Solids Control
is providing its good quality products to over 60 countries.

GN can design and manufacture shale shakers with linear motion, vacuum
eliminate gas in the mud or drilling fluids, desilters and desanders for finer
solids separation, cuttings dryers for OBM, WBM or SBM drying work, decanter
centrifuges for 2 or 3 microns solids separation etc. GN has the ability to manufacture
various types mud tanks, mud plant, square tanks, v type tanks etc. All these
tanks can be put into use with excellent qualities.

you might know, GN Solids Control is manufacturing many different kinds of shale shaker screens. Many famous brands shaker screens can be
replaced by GN shake screens.

all know that Derrick, Brant, Fluids System etc are famous for their shakers
and screens, GN is also one famous manufacturer to offer different types of
shaker screens. For GN shakers, GN has one type of shale shaker which is 594,
this shaker are using the same size shaker screens as Mongoose. And now GN
Solids America
keeping certain storage in GN Houston warehouse. Whenever our clients have the
needs of shaker screens, GN can send our shaker screens directly to our
customers’ worksite in a short period.

GN Solids America is keep making storage plans for regular clients, we can add
it into our storage plan if you can tell us the API no. or mesh no.

also keeps some other equipments in Houston warehouse besides these shaker
screens. Equipments such as shale shakers, mud cleaners and decanter
centrifuges are stored in GN TX warehouse, welcome to give us a phone call if
you are interested.