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Decanter Centrifuge is the final stage equipment inside a complete solids control system. After being released from the desilter or perhaps a mud cleaner, drilling mud is going to be pumped into decanter centrifuge with a screw pump. A decanter centrifuge normally can separate solids having a diameter between two to seven microns out.  Regarding a decanter centrifuge’s working principle, first of all I’d prefer to help remind you of the bottle that contains the mix of sand and water, you will find that sand is settled at the base, as the water is suspended onto it. That since the sand likes a greater sedimentation velocity compared to water because of its bigger density. Therefore we should make reference to a laundry-drier which is often used to dry cleaned clothes by centrifugal pressure, and the higher the centrifugal pressure is, the shorter time that it will take to dry clothes. Mix the 2 suggestions, you will be aware the way a decanter centrifuge works. GN’s decanter centrifuge having a mid-speed can remove solids of five to seven microns out, and GN’s high-speed decanter centrifuge can separate solids of two to five microns out. Besides to be the final equipment inside a solids control system, the decanter centrifuge made by GN Solids Control may also be used inside a drilling waste management system.

GN’s decanter centrifuge has got the following benefits and advantages.

First, because the first API licensed solids control company in China, GN solids control is also licensed by: Europe DNV CE, HSE, ISO9001, Russia TP&TC. And GN first of all built an USA based solid control company: GN Solids America.

Then, GN’s decanter centrifuge switches into many a brand new design. For instance, tungsten carbide tiles are fixed around the screw to safeguard it from put on, and also the tiles are simpler to become changed

Affirmatively, the decanter centrifuge made by GN will be your best option.

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Almost all the large capacity drilling project need one set drilling fluids recycling system. While the drilling waste management system could also be classified as high configuration system and economic configuration model. The high configuration mud system is always be equipped for the oil drilling rig. This type mud system includes all the solids control equipment like shaker screen, de-sander, de-silter , vacuum degasser and decanter centrifuge. For some deep oil well drilling, the mud system may be consisting of many mud tanks for active mud storage. The economic configuration mud system is always used for some deep oil well drilling, work over rig project, horizontal directional drilling and piling project.

Work over rig mud system is little simpler in the solids control equipment configuration as the mud system sometimes only contain the shale shaker for one stage solids control. The workover rig no need the drilling mud to be treated very clean. It also has a mud mixing system which could be used to re-configurate the drilling mud.

According to the flow rate of the directional drilling rig, the HDD mud system is often divided into different model. Such as GN’s model 150GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM, 800GPM, 1000GPM and 1500GPM. The HDD contractor would always not use the decanter centrifuge in the system as the drilling fluid is not very high request on the cleanness. But some customers has high request, they will also put the decanter centrifuge in the mud system.

The piling system is the simplest de-sanding unit; it only has one tank and one unit high capacity de-sander. GN solids control could provide the piling system of D50 and D100 as per the treating capacity. Always the piling system is no mixing system, the solids is removed out by the vibration screen, and the fluids get down to the tank and the pumped back to the rig.

For ensure safety, handling Solids Control should be balanced. before transportation you must adopt two same rope which is hung on the fore hangers. No handling with a rope to prevent any unnecessary shock and turning over.

Solids Control equipment is fixed by fore long bolts on a supporting rack at ex-factory. For ensure safety should be tie up or separated during transportation.

Solids Control should be mounted at suitable location discharged sand easily above No.2 mud tank. The sands outlet should be located outside mud tank where the solids may be easily moved to proper disposal location. The discharge sand slide should be set at a steep angle to prevent a solids buildup.

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