solids control equipment

Shale shaker is a type of very common
drilling mud solids control in all kinds of drilling projects. As a leading
manufacturer of solids control equipment
, GN could provide the shale
shaker and other mud recycling equipment for oil gas
drilling, horizontal directional drilling, water well drilling, tunneling and
piling projects.

The capacities of GN’s shale shaker are
200GPM, 500GPM and 600GPM under the mud condition of density 1.2g per cubic
centimeter, viscosity 45s measured by Marsh funnel viscosimeter and screen of
API 40.

GN Solids Control has a 4-panel screens
shale shaker which is the largest model in GN’s shale shaker product line. This
model could be used at the oil rig site for primary solids control. At the
consideration of easy operation and maintenance as well as the widely accepted
treating capacity, GN made the model of GNZS594E-HB shale shaker to fully
meet the market request.

So, what are the advantages of this model?
Or we say what the features are?

1. Simple structure design of the shaker
deck, the operator could observe the work performance easily. The added extra
horizontal square steel strips at both sides of the deck make the deck much stronger.  

2. The 2 vibrators located vertically with
the beam makes there is a longer connecting face which could distribute the G
force uniformly to the whole shaker deck.

3. Hidden design of the lead screw beneath
the shaker deck makes it available to adjust the shaker deck angle while the
shaker is running. The operator only need a ratchet wrench to adjust the deck
angle from one side of the lead screw, the other side would be adjusted at the
same time.

4. To ensure the better sealing
performance, the screen frame was installed a type embedded rubber sealing.
This rubber sealing will not be taken off with the exception of manually

5. Wedge blocks are used to fasten the
screen panels is also a popular method. This makes the exchanging of the screen

6. Sometimes the shale shaker could be used
as a under shaker of the mud cleaner unit. All GN’s shale shaker will have the
pre cut installation holes to install the cyclone frame. Which means GN’s
cyclone frame for mud cleaner is removable. All cyclone frame, no matter what
capacity, the installation location would be the same.

7. By changing hopper feeder, GN’s 4-panel
shale shaker could be used as a drying shaker for waste cutting management. The
G force is up to 8.

No hesitate to contact GN Solids Control
for a quote of GNZS594, especially the client from the America, as this model
is on a promotion status.


Been accepted by Shell, get orders from BakerHughes, more and more competitors or big players in oil gas drilling market arelooking at GN Solids Control in another way, with more respect, for
some of them. If you are interested in our partners, yes, they are also playing
with mud. We have a lot of partners who are experts of playing with mud. Many
drilling mud serves company are cooperating with GN to do more business, or
more marketing. 

In middle east, we have a few good
partners, expect supplying drilling chemicals, drilling mud, also doing the solids control services
for the contactors, or some end users. From start, some clients may not like GN
products, more actually, not like Chinese products. 

The problem is in this way:

Whenever a Chinese products have a
problem, the first thinking come up is, ooh, WTF, I was purchasing / using a

While if it is from US, or Europe, on
the contrary, ooh, shit, what I have done, did I do something wrong?

Here is how our partners help, the most
important factor, if some most professional guys, with years, dozens of years
experience, they know how to handle headaches, and they know what is
happending, and why this happens. 

Thanks to their kindness, their advise
& feedback, improved GN products. Change everything into good cycle.

It is far more than a good presentation,
it is a show, a fantastic show, showing how GN, a Chinese brand solids control equipment can achieve. 

Let is get to the point, why these
partners be partners?

1. Seeing is beliving, they saw the
product, they witness the product’s success. That sounds.

2. When they feedback, GN absorb their
good suggestions in a very postive way, and appreciate that.

3. We value the partnership, and
longterm partnership.

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GN Solids control system involves the utilization of shale shaker, mud cleaner and decanter centrifuges to process drilling fluids and remove the expected solids prior to, during, and after the drilling operation. We mainly supplies three phases of solids control system including prior to drilling: mud mixing system, during drilling: mud reclaim system and after drilling: drilling cuttings waste management system.

GN is highly experienced in offering qualified solids control equipment for all types of drilling fluids in the world.

Prior to Drilling

Mud mixing system is applied for mixing all kinds of chemical to formulate the drilling fluids. Generally, we apply the centrifugal pump, venturi hopper even shear pump for circulating and mixing drilling mud. The capacity of centrifugal pump ranges from 200GPM to 1408 GPM. Shear pump is capable of reducing the cost of mixing polymers an clays while improve the mud properties. Also, we utilize the mud agitator and mud gun to suspense solids prevent from sediment. Regarding to the customer’s requirement, we are able to customize the length of shaft of mud agitator and length of mud gun

During Drilling

Solids Control equipment are capable of reclaiming the drilling fluids. Technically, we offer the series of equipment including shale shaker, desander, desilter the combination of desander cones and desitler cones and decanter centrifuge. The four steps of solids control equipment remove different size of solids in order keep the drilling fluids property 

After Drilling

Drilling cuttings waste management system is use for processing the drilling cutting s during drilling and after drilling. Especially, drilling cuttings waste management system is for offshore project. When offshore project produce some drilling cuttings, contractor normally keep the cuttings and subsequently reclaim in the land. Therefore, our drilling cuttings waste management system is widely used for onshore and offshore drilling project.  Our field experienced technician staff will work to assure that every project has a solution optimized for the drilling cutting being disposed.

GN is waiting for working with your project. Click this link, you can make a connection with us:

Within the solids control industry, shaker is the primary solids control unit, and shaker screen is a vital put on part for shale shaker. GN use the advanced technology to produce a number of brand shaker screens. Being an API and ISO licensed company, GN offers from API 20 to API 400 shaker screen.

Top quality and Flexibility Test

GN screens are fabricated in an array of API dimensions to make sure maximum solids control efficiency no matter the formations drilled. Our high-strength and strengthened material frames and stainless steel sieve are lighter and much more durable than usual shaker screen. What results is operational existence that’s nearly double those of other screens available on the market.

GN use constant observation, adjusted test liquids, Dry sieve testing procedure and periodic sampling testing to represent each API sieve class. GN regularly takes shaker screen to check percent elongation, ductility, wire count and tensile strength so assure each shaker screen qualtiy

 Although we check carefully each shaker screen, couples of clients still complain the shaker screen blocked. You will find some reason by which make the shaker screen clogged

–  How big solids is near to the dimension of opening sieve

2.  Drilling liquids/mud is that contains an excessive amount of moisture

3.  Particle/solids have static cling throughout the separation process

4.  vibrating mesh wire through too thick

5 .  The form of huge solids is flaky

6.  some thicker kinds of mine screen, pass design is uncommon

Note:  the contaminants/solids are essentially irregular shape, therefore the reasons of block are also different. To be able to better prevent screen clogged filter while watching products, perform some analysis and judgment before we decide the shaker screen. When you wish to filter fine contaminants or consists of more mud, water will probably cause blockage from the primary factors sieve. Hence the requirement for moisture testing contaminants, once the water is more than 5%, the requirement for blocking particulate drying out When water is more than 8% use wet sieving. Screening performing and the other reasonable regulation mesh tension can also be a highly effective measure to effectively prevent inserting sieve.

Now many drilling industries of solid control plus some other fields are utilizing increasingly more decanter centrifuges because of the superb performances of these. So it’s quite vital that you know some repair understanding to keep the decanter centrifuge inside a good shape.

As everyone knows, when we may take proper care of the device carefully and properly utilize it within our daily processing course and do regular and proper upkeep of a decanter centrifuge machine, the machine’s existence could be extended. Therefore we will mop the exterior from the machine to make certain it’s clean and dry to prevent any rust and dirt to get involved with the inter from the drilling centrifuge machine. Next, the conveyor and also the offerring belt are extremely simple to be loose within our daily utilisation of the machine, therefore it have to be frequently examined and also to be exchanged if they’re fail to work well. We ought to also look into the easily putting on areas of the device and also the operating situation from the electric system from the machine and fix importance towards the battery system regularly.

Differential mechanism ought to keep high rate of concentricity using the primary body from the decanter centrifuge machine when installed, when the connection backward and forward areas of a piece of equipment, we ought to then place a cooper nick between your differential mechanism and also the offerring belt to make certain the required trembling once the machine is working.

Because of assorted reasons, the device cannot work along with the beginning, this phenomenon can’t be prevented. We will have to do a change from the machine after a little working duration of a decanter centrifuge machine.

Aslo a great brand is essential essential for our future maintenance and repairing. So thanks for visiting request for technical the aid of our technical engineer: