Closed Loop Drilling Mud Solids Control System Minimize the Waste on Drilling Liquids

nowadays the drilling liquids is broadlyutilized in drilling projects and underneath the strict regulation on atmosphere protection, the ways to minimize the release of environment hazardous waste solids and maximum the drilling liquids recovery must be the mainstream subject in the industry.

The using of mud tank to keep the drilling liquids returning in the drill well continues to be broadly identified and accepted by all of the drilling companies. Without digging a mud pit on the floor help reduce the pollution towards the soil. Specifically for some limited job area, the mud tank will be the preferred option for drilling liquids. The using of the several types of the solids control equipment highly accelerates the separation of solids in drilling liquids.

The closed loop drilling mud solids control system, if complete configuration, consists 2 parts. Drilling mud is used in solids control and waste drilling cuttings treatment. The objective of this 2 parts is similar for minimize the release of environment hazardous waste solids and maximum the drilling liquids recovery.

For solids control, after discharged rough the shale shaker, desander, desilter, the decanter centrifuge. The ultra fine solids contaminants could be removed out of the drilling mud, after that the drilling mud can be reused.

The drilling waste cuttings treatment part is performed to recovery whenever possible the drilling liquids making the cuttings dry enough for simple transportation to help environment friendly through treatment. The cuttings out of the solids control shale shaker and desander, desilter could be moved to drying equipment first. The drying equipment could be different due to that the water based mud or oil based mud can be used. A higher G drying shaker is the best for water based drilling mud cuttings. The Verti G cuttings dryer is always utilized for drying the water based and oil based cuttings.

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Why Drilling Mud Services Company Choose GN Solids Control

Been accepted by Shell, get orders from BakerHughes, more and more competitors or big players in oil gas drilling market arelooking at GN Solids Control in another way, with more respect, for
some of them. If you are interested in our partners, yes, they are also playing
with mud. We have a lot of partners who are experts of playing with mud. Many
drilling mud serves company are cooperating with GN to do more business, or
more marketing. 

In middle east, we have a few good
partners, expect supplying drilling chemicals, drilling mud, also doing the solids control services
for the contactors, or some end users. From start, some clients may not like GN
products, more actually, not like Chinese products. 

The problem is in this way:

Whenever a Chinese products have a
problem, the first thinking come up is, ooh, WTF, I was purchasing / using a

While if it is from US, or Europe, on
the contrary, ooh, shit, what I have done, did I do something wrong?

Here is how our partners help, the most
important factor, if some most professional guys, with years, dozens of years
experience, they know how to handle headaches, and they know what is
happending, and why this happens. 

Thanks to their kindness, their advise
& feedback, improved GN products. Change everything into good cycle.

It is far more than a good presentation,
it is a show, a fantastic show, showing how GN, a Chinese brand solids control equipment can achieve. 

Let is get to the point, why these
partners be partners?

1. Seeing is beliving, they saw the
product, they witness the product’s success. That sounds.

2. When they feedback, GN absorb their
good suggestions in a very postive way, and appreciate that.

3. We value the partnership, and
longterm partnership.

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Higher Environment Standard for Oil & Gas Waste Management

Although the price for crude oil is dropping form an extremely high place to anunexpected low place, the global demand for the oil never ceases. But as longas the drilling projects are done everywhere in the world, the environment
effects are shown more and more clearly.

Now more and more countries are issuing
laws and regulations for protecting the environment. Before, in some places,
after drilling, the drilling cuttings could be buried in a remote place, but
now, nothing is allowed to be discharged without further treating. In some countries,
any drilling work is allowed without seeing an existing waste management
solution or system.

Depending on different drilling fluids, the
waste management system is a bit different. Normally, there is WBM and OBM.

1.      Complete WBM waste management system.

A complete WBM waste management system is
combined by 2 sections. First section, standard waste management system
includes a drying shaker with a high G force and a high speed decanter
centrifuge.  Second section is further
treatment, a dewatering unit to flocculate the fine particles into larger ones
in order to be treated by a high speed decanter centrifuge, here, the
centrifuge may be same as the former one, but this one is regarded as
dewatering centrifuge. This whole system is called as zero discharge drilling

2.      Waste
management system for OBM

The complete waste management system for
OBM could also be regarded as 2 sections, the standard one and further one. The
standard waste management system for OBM is combined by a vertical cuttings
dryer and a high speed centrifuge.  After first stage, the further stage is to
make the cuttings more compact and into solid before discharge.

GN Solids Control is most famous China
brand for solids control and waste management systems and equipments. They are
producing high speed centrifuges for waste management, and their products are
of high cost-effectiveness. And also, GN Solids Control is first Chinese
company who designed the vertical cuttings dryer years
ago. Now their vertical cuttings dryer reached the 4th generation, which could provide
more applications suitable for not only OBM and SBM, but also WBM.

If you need to know more about GN and GN
products, you are welcome to attend the coming CIPPE in Beijing, Capital of

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GN Decanter Centrifuge to Africa Customer

As an expert in solids control equipment andsystem, GN solids control manufactures and exports a complete set of
solids control equipment and system including shale shaker, desander, and
desilter and decanter centrifuge. At the beginning of this year, GN solids
control received a repeated order that a customer with which GN has cooperated
for more than three years, and this customer is satisfied with GN decanter
, high quality with competitive price. And this time, GN has
updated its design for more stable and better performance with several update.

The updated decanter centrifuges still has
the below advantages of the last edition.

1. The
cylindrical and conical section of the bowl is made from duplex stainless steel
2205 which is better than stainless steel 316L. Stainless steel 316 is always
adopted by China’s other solids control company; even stainless steel 304 is

2. The bowl is manufactured by centrifugal cast which means that the bowl has a
better balance. Only the decanter centrifuges pass the balance test, they can
be delivered.

3. Tungsten
carbide tile is attached on the screws to protect the screw from wear, and when
the tungsten carbide tiles is worn out, it is easy and convenient to replace
with re-doing the balance test.

For the updated decanter centrifuge, there
are more advantages:

1. Solids
discharge cover is added above the solids discharge port to prevent the solids
discharged to the inner cover of bowl.

2. Special
ceramic mud distribution port on the screw will extend the decanter centrifuge’s
service life.

GN solids have made it policy that GN
solids control will keep to update its product for better service and provide
better services. It is a wonderful start in 2015 with the big order from a customer,
the first batch has been delivered, and the second will be delivered soon.

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