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Within the solids control industry, shaker is the primary solids control unit, and shaker screen is a vital put on part for shale shaker. GN use the advanced technology to produce a number of brand shaker screens. Being an API and ISO licensed company, GN offers from API 20 to API 400 shaker screen.

Top quality and Flexibility Test

GN screens are fabricated in an array of API dimensions to make sure maximum solids control efficiency no matter the formations drilled. Our high-strength and strengthened material frames and stainless steel sieve are lighter and much more durable than usual shaker screen. What results is operational existence that’s nearly double those of other screens available on the market.

GN use constant observation, adjusted test liquids, Dry sieve testing procedure and periodic sampling testing to represent each API sieve class. GN regularly takes shaker screen to check percent elongation, ductility, wire count and tensile strength so assure each shaker screen qualtiy

 Although we check carefully each shaker screen, couples of clients still complain the shaker screen blocked. You will find some reason by which make the shaker screen clogged

–  How big solids is near to the dimension of opening sieve

2.  Drilling liquids/mud is that contains an excessive amount of moisture

3.  Particle/solids have static cling throughout the separation process

4.  vibrating mesh wire through too thick

5 .  The form of huge solids is flaky

6.  some thicker kinds of mine screen, pass design is uncommon

Note:  the contaminants/solids are essentially irregular shape, therefore the reasons of block are also different. To be able to better prevent screen clogged filter while watching products, perform some analysis and judgment before we decide the shaker screen. When you wish to filter fine contaminants or consists of more mud, water will probably cause blockage from the primary factors sieve. Hence the requirement for moisture testing contaminants, once the water is more than 5%, the requirement for blocking particulate drying out When water is more than 8% use wet sieving. Screening performing and the other reasonable regulation mesh tension can also be a highly effective measure to effectively prevent inserting sieve.

GN Solids America is one of the subsidiary company of GN Solids Control with location is Houston. GN is the first one manufacturer coming from China special for solids control equipment that has started their branch company in The States. GN has continuous inventory plan to make equipment stock available and prompt delivery.

Right now, GN Solids America has below inventory in Houston warehouse

4 units oilfield shale shaker — the shale shaker model stocked in GN Houston warehouse is the model of GNZS594E-HB. The features of this model are as follows: Simple structure with 4 panels shaker screen which is interchangeable with Mongoose original screen. That means the customers could by the shale shaker from GN and use both GN’s screen and original Mongoose screen on this shale shaker model. Or they could by GN’s screen and use on the original Mongoose shaker. The process for replace the screen is very easy, the patent design of the rubber sealing between the screen and deck make sure better performance of the sealing and long life time of the screen.

2 units mud cleaner which is using the under shaker of model GNZS594E-BH. With 2 pcs 10 inch desander cyclone and 12 pcs 4 inch desilter cyclones make from 100% polyurethane, the capacity of the mud cleaner is 1000GPM. The cyclone frame is removable, and then the under shaker could be used as a primary shale shaker.

Consider the user’s request on the shale shaker screen, GN also stocked shale shaker screen with full series API Nos. To some extent, shaker screen is the guarantee of the repeated orders and better after sales service.

Besides the shale shaker, mud cleaner and shaker screen, GN also has 14” centrifuge variable speed model in stock, and in the show room, there are also other equipment like centrifugal pump, screw pump and mud agitators.

You are welcomed to GN Houston warehouse for a look at GN’s equipment. At this time, GN also started the rental business for the shale shaker and decanter centrifuge. Welcome contact with GN for more information.

Almost all the large capacity drilling project need one set drilling fluids recycling system. While the drilling waste management system could also be classified as high configuration system and economic configuration model. The high configuration mud system is always be equipped for the oil drilling rig. This type mud system includes all the solids control equipment like shaker screen, de-sander, de-silter , vacuum degasser and decanter centrifuge. For some deep oil well drilling, the mud system may be consisting of many mud tanks for active mud storage. The economic configuration mud system is always used for some deep oil well drilling, work over rig project, horizontal directional drilling and piling project.

Work over rig mud system is little simpler in the solids control equipment configuration as the mud system sometimes only contain the shale shaker for one stage solids control. The workover rig no need the drilling mud to be treated very clean. It also has a mud mixing system which could be used to re-configurate the drilling mud.

According to the flow rate of the directional drilling rig, the HDD mud system is often divided into different model. Such as GN’s model 150GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM, 800GPM, 1000GPM and 1500GPM. The HDD contractor would always not use the decanter centrifuge in the system as the drilling fluid is not very high request on the cleanness. But some customers has high request, they will also put the decanter centrifuge in the mud system.

The piling system is the simplest de-sanding unit; it only has one tank and one unit high capacity de-sander. GN solids control could provide the piling system of D50 and D100 as per the treating capacity. Always the piling system is no mixing system, the solids is removed out by the vibration screen, and the fluids get down to the tank and the pumped back to the rig.

It has been an acknowledged truth that China is a manufacture world of China. If you know this, I want to tell you another generally accepted truth that Anping county is the manufacture world of screens. Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is a top manufacture of drilling waste management and equipment which certainly include the first stage treatment equipment shale shaker. For a shale shaker, its treating effect large depends on screens installed on it. The quality of screens will decides to some degree of the shale shaker’s performance. GN Solids Control owns a shaker screen manufacturing factory in Asian largest wire mesh center city. GN Solids Control company has adopted most advanced technology to manufacture all kinds of shaker screens and can supply many a kinds of replaceable shaker screens for many brand shale shakers.

Last Tuesday, GN has delivered three pieces sample shaker screens to an Indian customer. This customer has showed great interest in GN shake screens. This time, GN carefully and seriously manufactured three pieces sample screens for this customer. Once this customer is satisfied with the sample, the will lay a big order for shale shaker screens.

One important criterion is screen mesh. Thread is woven into cloth, similarly, metal wire can also be woven to create a metal cloth. Mesh means the number of holes in one inch’s length. And, the larger the number is, the smaller solids can be removed out. For many years, screen mesh has evolve in competitive screen manufacturing, contributing to the usage of thin but strong cloth to improve screen’s service life and conductance.

Specialized in manufacturing solids control equipment and shaker screen, Hebei GN Solids Control Co., Ltd is a perfect choice for you.

Drilling waste high G dryer shaker screen is a particular sort of shale shaker. It use higher G force primarily utilized to treat drilling waste cuttings.
Why it’s referred to as high G dryer shaker screen, what is the distinction of high G dryer shaker screenr with solids handle shale shaker?
Yes, certainly high G dryer shaker screen is usually a kind of shaker. The distinction of high G dryer shaker screen and solids handle shale shaker as below:
1) G force various: High G dryer shaker screen may possibly make use of G force about eight.0G during separate the drilling waste cuttings, though solids manage shaker screen make use of six.5G ~ 7G for the duration of functioning. The design and application G force various.
2) Feed kind different: High G dryer shaker screen, it is actually employed to treat drilling cuttings from solids manage screen panel (shale shaker, desander, desilter). The cuttings transferred through screw conveyor auger to the high G dryer shaker screen, In this case, dryer normally is with hopper feeder. When solids manage shaker screen is usually with box feeder or weir feeder.
3) As the dryer shaker screen G force is bigger then replacement screen, in request a sturdy style for the shaker deck.
In which circumstances high G dryer shaker screen might be used?
It really is specialized for water based mud drilling cuttings separation. Followed using a higher speed centrifuge for LGS. to separate the fine solids.
two) It might be utilised for oil based mud drilling cuttings separation, because the alternative of vertical cuttings dryer (Vortex G). But is can’t separate oil based cuttings as dryer as vertical cuttings dryer.
How can buyer get quick delivery in case urgent?
GN Solids America always have higher G dryer shaker screen and solids handle shaker screen in stock in China factory and Houston factory, at the same time,I want to simply clarify about mud cleaner issue,Mud Cleaner Unit for Rotary Bored Piling and Civil Engineering,here why introduce the Mud Cleaner  item,for it’s a importent product during make solids control,and Gn is facility to make it.