Solids control equipment for 1000hp land drilling rig

GN Solids Control, as China top solids control manufacturer, exported 4 complete sets solids control equipment for 1000hp land drilling rigs to an North America drilling company. The drilling company also includes some replacement equipment for their previous land rig mud systems.

The order includes below solids control equipment:

1) Linear motion shale shaker model GNZS594E-HB, quantity 10 each

2) Vacuum degasser, GNZCQ270A, Quantity 4 ea

3) Desander mud cleaner,, quantity 5 ea

4) Desilter mud cleaner: quantity 7 ea

5) Different models centrifugal pumps, quantity 25 ea

6) Mud agitator,, quantity over 40 ea

7) Otherreplacement spare parts.

There are so many companies in China and out of China, why the customer finally choose GN after comparison?

1) GN Solids Control is the 1rst API certified solids control company in China. Now GN have CE certificate approved by DNV for European market.

2) GN is the first China solids control manufacturer who registered in Houston America and have a separate brand GN Solids America. All GN equipment made per international high standard.

3) GN company mission: Top brand and reasonable price. No lower, no higher.

4) As the fast developing company, GN think highly of customers’ feedback and keep improving quality and design.

5) GN centrifugal pumpinterchangeable with NOV mission pump. It makes customers easy for replacement and for stock spare parts.

6) GN have shaker model interchangeable with Swaco Mongoose and Derrick.

Besides mud solids control equipment, GN also make drilling cuttings treatment equipment. GN offer one-stop solution for drilling rigs.

Below is the main drilling waste managementequipment GN makes:

1) Drilling cuttings screw conveyer

2) Vertical cuttings dryer for both oil base mud and water base mud. The performance approved by jobsite test. While other brand, they can only be used for oil base mud.

3) High G drying shaker for water base mud

4) Dewatering unit for waste water treatment or water base mud treatment.

3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant for off-shore drilling

Features of the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant for off-shore drilling

It is a 7-tank mud system complete with mixing, cleaning and storage function. And complete with lighting system and electrical control system.

Equipment included in the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant

1) Skid Mounted 3 runner oilfield skid mud tanks with V crimp, quantity 7 each 2) Mud tank with dimension 13500x3000x2350mm. Unit capacity 500bbl. Tank bottom steel plate thickness is 8mm, tank wall steel plate thickness is 6mm. Tank top covered with 5mm Checker plate. Tank bottom 5 degree incline torwards the drain gate for selfcleaning.

3) 3 double-layer agitators and 3 mud guns for each tank

4) Mud Mix unit (100 HP / Duplex type) with two pump motor units. On a separate skid. 3 Tons Electric hoist for lifting chemicals.

5) Steel frame rain shade Roof Cover for Jet Mixer Skid

6) Light system for the while system

7) Electric Control System for the while system

Base oil tanks for the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant

Customer request 3 base oil tank (diesel tank) next to the 3500bbl Mud Liquid Plant. The based oil tank equipped with shear pump in a separated skid. For cleaning diesel before enter into base oil tank, there are oil/water filter before oil enter into oil pump. In case the oil quality is not good enough, the filter will cleaning the oil first and then transfer to the base oil tank.

For easy maintenance, GN Solids America disc valve in side tank suction port. And outside tank is butterfly valves.

Mud System Compact Design for Easy Operation and Cost Saving

Almost all the large capacity drilling project need one set drilling fluids recycling system. While the drilling waste management system could also be classified as high configuration system and economic configuration model. The high configuration mud system is always be equipped for the oil drilling rig. This type mud system includes all the solids control equipment like shaker screen, de-sander, de-silter , vacuum degasser and decanter centrifuge. For some deep oil well drilling, the mud system may be consisting of many mud tanks for active mud storage. The economic configuration mud system is always used for some deep oil well drilling, work over rig project, horizontal directional drilling and piling project.

Work over rig mud system is little simpler in the solids control equipment configuration as the mud system sometimes only contain the shale shaker for one stage solids control. The workover rig no need the drilling mud to be treated very clean. It also has a mud mixing system which could be used to re-configurate the drilling mud.

According to the flow rate of the directional drilling rig, the HDD mud system is often divided into different model. Such as GN’s model 150GPM, 350GPM, 500GPM, 800GPM, 1000GPM and 1500GPM. The HDD contractor would always not use the decanter centrifuge in the system as the drilling fluid is not very high request on the cleanness. But some customers has high request, they will also put the decanter centrifuge in the mud system.

The piling system is the simplest de-sanding unit; it only has one tank and one unit high capacity de-sander. GN solids control could provide the piling system of D50 and D100 as per the treating capacity. Always the piling system is no mixing system, the solids is removed out by the vibration screen, and the fluids get down to the tank and the pumped back to the rig.