GN has been ready for the slower grow of oil in 2015

Based on the latest news through the agency of international energy, producing oil has a tiny bit growth in comparison with the former estimate, since the economy of the world is still suffering a really weak growth.

Also it appears the OPEC (Organization of Oil Conveying Nations)unwilling to give belief about the growing yield of oil in the next year .there has been not any signs of this situation so far.

International Energy Agency has create a second estimate and cut lower the development of oil demand by 3 hundred thousand barrels every single day, in comparison with the former estimate this can be a sharp decrease. They feel the following year’s demand growth come in the range of 1 million to 94 million. Besides, they believe within this year the development of oil demand is roughly from two-hundred thousand barrels each day to zero point seven barrels each day.

However, you will find several regions or nations includes a slightly oil production growth. The oil producer of OPEC, for example Saudi Arabia has created a lot more barrels oil, from fifty thousand barrels every single day to roughly tens of millions of barrels each day in September. Many people think that the oil production growth will has some great quantity which can make a large jump (one-hundred and thirty thousand) in the next year.

For all of us, some surveys recommended the oil production could keep growing and exceed Saudi Arabian oil supplies and Russian oil supplies.

GN is really a well-known brand focusing on solids control and drilling waste management areas for a long time. Thinking about the bad year of 2015, GN has prepared it with revolutionary, from top management to on-site workers, everybody expect a sizable change and it is sure that every employees will try his best to make contribution for GN Solids Control Company.

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Solids Control Liquid Mud Plant (LMP)

In the Oil and Gas drilling area, for dealing with the drilling mud, there’s not just solids control systems and drilling waste management systems. But additionally, the liquid mud plants, also is known as LMP. Aside from the solids control system and drilling waste management systems, GN Solids Control also provide complete LMP or according tools available.

 What’s LMP?

 LMP is brief for Liquid Mud Plant, generally used beside a solids control system or any other mud systems for storage the drilling mud. To be able to avoid mud from settling, most significant tools utilized in LMP are mud agitators and mud guns. In a certain distance, usually every 3 meters, there’s a mud agitator and beside each agitator, there’s a mud gun. As well as jet mud mixing tools, like centrifugal pumps and mud mixing hoppers, utilized for adding and mixing the harmful chemicals towards the drilling mud and a preferred mud proportion.

 Using LMPs?

 Anybody using drilling mud in their projects or for their clients, could use LMPs. those companies consist although not limited to:

 1. Drilling company’s workers who provide their clients drilling service using their own rigs and solids control systems.

 2. Drilling Mud/Liquid companies, who don’t directly participate in drilling works, however they provide drilling mud towards the customers and reclaim the mud back and reserve it for next use.

 GN Solids Control offer LMP to the clients both domestic and abroad. As well as, some LMP customers purchase tools from GN Solids Control when reviving their LMP, because evaluating with tanks, the facility is to some extent consumable. At the same time, plenty of large tank producers established a lengthy-term co-operation with GN Solids Control by continuously buying mud agitators and mud guns from GN.

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Drilling cuttings decanter centrifuge at the jobsite

GN solids control already offered over 250 models drilling cuttings decanter centrifuge around the world, here is a photo of GNLW363VFD decanter centrifuge at the jobsite. Besides of the decanter centrifuge, this client also utilized our screw conveyor to gather the drilling cuttings and transfer them. Screw conveyor is specifically utilized for drilling cuttings moving among the drilling waste management system, particularly for the drilling cuttings with fewer liquids, the performance of transfer is demonstrated much better than other moving techniques.

 Probably the most important feature of the screw conveyor quality is that the bearings and screw propeller; it’s frequently used flat or in a slight incline to transfer the types of materials. GN always choose renowned brand bearings for such essential components, so we provide various options of screw material as customer’s requirement, even the screw conveyor length also can be customized, we’ve various sections with every section 12ft length.

 Normally our client can make a higher and adjustable frame in your area for their only project; they will put our decanter centrifuge around the frame. Our decanter centrifuge can be used the programs below:

 1 water drilling liquids dewatering centrifuge

 2 barite recovery centrifuge in solids control system

 3 decanter centrifuge for top gravity and occasional gravity solids

 4 drilling cuttings treatment system

 5 waste water treatment

 The most crucial problem within the jobsite operation is maintenance, with higher and proper maintenance; the decanter centrifuge can function perfectly. Here is the instructions ought to be compensated more attention for that centrifuge operation.

 1 cleaning after each time operation by water or drilling liquids

 2 lube based on GN recommend lube chart

 3 tighten the security guard belt before shipment, and take away it before start

 GN professional engineer will fly for your jobsite to train your operator that helps for brand spanking new commissioning service.

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Soil and Liquid mixing tank

GN Solids Control is China leading manufacturer on mud solids control and drilling waste management system. They have experience on oily sludge separation. Recently, there are customers request V-bottom mud mixing tank for soil and oil liquid. The soil and oil liquid will go into the tank and they are mixed

The output line from the tank is a screw type (screw conveyor), so it can deliver the settled solid particles. And the height of the end of screw is 3 meter. Finally, there should be a liquid pump to transfer the liquid to other tanks or equipment.

V-bottom Screw + Shiftless conveyor

1) Solid/liquid mixture will be go into the v-bottom screw.

2) V-bottom screw and shiftless conveyor are put together and have sealing for no liquid leakage

3) Solid will be taken out from bottom screw – shiftless conveyor – and be discharged

4) Liquid will be pumping out from the top or making a hole at proper elevation

GN Solids control can provide tank and augers to meet the required function.

Below is a draft proposal made for customer’s reference.

1) Height of tank (including V-bottom) : 1.8 meter

2) Width of tank: 2 meter

3) Length of horizontal auger in tank : 24 feet long ( 7.315 meter)

4) Length of tilt auger: 24 feet long (7.315 meter), with tilting angle between auger and horizontal level 25 degrees.

Customer is satisfied with the proposal and mentioned more request. They want steam heating system for the mixing tank:

–       Steam injection nozzles (in this case, 2 nozzles each side (total 4 nozzles) can be installed and the nozzle would be positioned 0.5m from bottom)  

–       Wired screen (5 cm) on the top where operator pour the soil into the tank.

Per customer request, GN Solids Modification V-bottom Screw conveyor:

1. Steam injection line and nozzles inside

– steam injection line is split to two lines which are inserted into the v-bottom screw tank.

– 3 injection nozzles from each pipeline inside of v-bottom tank

– steam injection pipeline: 2 inch diameter (see picture below)

– no need of mixer inside


The Introduction on the Drilling Liquids

Drilling liquids has become broadly utilized in oil, gas drilling along with other drilling mud system. Using the solids control equipment, the drilling liquids might be recycled many occasions for cost saving and atmosphere protection. This short article gives an easy introduction around the purpose of the drilling liquids.

What’s the purpose of the drilling liquids?

1. Eliminating bottom from the well our prime pressure drilling liquids get out of the drill bit would flush the foot of the well make no obstacles for drilling process.

2. Carry cuttings – the drilling liquids would go ahead and take drilling cuttings to the floor surface for mud cleaning process.

3. Balance formation pressure – because of the very deep drilling, the drill bit can experience different formations for example rock formation and ground water formation. The drilling liquids here performed to avoid the floor water stepping into the drilling well. This could safeguard the geological structure.

Besides, the drilling liquids may also function to awesome lower and lubricate drill bit, safeguard borehole wall and supply downhole energy.

To completely have the drilling liquids advantages, you will find several needs around the drilling liquids.

1. The drilling liquids should meet interest in drilling mud recycling

Drilling cycle request the drilling liquids low pump pressure (low fluid viscosity), excellent capability to carry cuttings (dynamic pressure is high), low beginning pump pressure (low static shear pressure), good lube performance, low friction (less solids contaminants)

2. Keep up with the stability of borehole

It’s asked for to make use of drilling liquids column to balance the development pressure. So when drill oil and gas layer, the drilling liquids can also be required to balance pressure from the oil and gas. That will request a reliable density from the drilling mud.

3. Oil and gas protection

After drilling oil and gas layer, drilling fluid contacts with oil and gas. To avoid drilling fluid harmful the oil and gas layer, the drilling liquids ought to be small filtration, thin mud cake, low solid content and occasional filtrate of hydration etc.

4. Safeguard the character atmosphere

Drilling fluid frequently consists of oil and oil, diesel oil and a lot of chemical agents. To be able to avoid the possible effect on character atmosphere, non-toxic, harmless drilling liquids ought to be used.