mud recycling system


In recent days,
GN will deliver to Australia a 500 GPM mud recycling system for HDD.
It is one of GN’s best seller products as the mud recycling system. And 500 GPM
is the most popular configuration among all the available configurations.

As is known to
all, Australian market for the equipments and machines are different from other
markets, because Australia has a even higher standard and more strict rules for
the machine or devices or the environment protection. Some laws and regulations
are even more strict than their peers like USA and European countries.


Although Australia
has such standards, GN Solids Control and GN
Solids Control’s equipments
was accepted by Australia. In fact, GN is
the first and only solids control manufacturer who provided to Australia.

Why GN Solids Control?
As a private owned company, GN has no special background or mother company to
be covered with. That’s why the quality is the most important thing. To win a
future and reputation is always what GN does for the past years, and for the coming
years also. Year in and year out, GN has developed from a small company to a
world well known brand.

In domestic
China, there are lots of HDD contractors who buy from GN, and they are giving
repeated orders because they found GN a reliable company with good quality
products. In outside China countries, GN provided to South America, to Asian
countries and to Middle East countries like Saudi Arabia.

When talking
about clients’ countries, we can not let go Saudi Arabia. Before meeting GN
Solids Control, the Saudi Arabia HDD companies only purchased from US brands,
for shakers, desander, desilters and complete
system. But they turned to GN for more cost-effective solutions, maybe at first
they just had a try, because they didn’t believe in some Chinese
manufacturers,. But later GN proved to them that there are high quality Chinese

And also, many
HDD rig companies are sourcing from GN to make rig package with GN mud
recycling systems.

For more
information of HDD, CBM or piling systems, welcome to contact us freely.

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GN Solids Control have many
production project for CPP from year of 2010. CPP is the largest HDD contractor
from China and engaged in China and overseas market. GN Solids Control compact
mud system and centrifuge is also working in many different jobsite with CPP

 Beginning of this year, we got 4 sets 500gpm mud recycling system for
CPP. Different from former system configurations, this time CPP require 2 sets
variable speed middle speed centrifuge for each system. In this case, they can
recover the barite from used drilling fluids fast. The centrifuge is GNLW452
big bowl middle speed centrifuge with variable speed control panel to adjust
the speed flexible.

 Except for 2 sets middle speed centrifuge,
other solids control equipment including:

1) 1 set Mud desanding cleaner GNZJ705-2S, with double deck shale
shaker GNZS705. It is for the first and second stage separation.

2) 1 set Mud desilter cleaner GNZJ705-12N,
with double deck shale shaker GNZS705.
It is for the first and third stage separation. 

3) 2 sets mud agitator installed on
centrifuge tank compartment, to avoid drilling mud settle down.

After double checking the whole system, you
can find the HDD mud system with 2 sets shale shaker, 1 set desander assembly ,
1 set desilter assembly, 2 sets centrifuge. The treating capacity is much
bigger and the drilling mud can go to desanding cleaner and desilter cleaner at
same time. The drilling fluids go into this two units via distribution box and
controlled by flange and valves. Generally, the actual treating capacity can
reach to about 800gpm to 1000gpm.

 GN Solids Control is famous solids control
equipment mfg from China with rich experience in compact mud system
fabrication. The different mud system capacity including: 500gpm mud system,
800gpm mud system and 1000gpm mud system.

 Except for small mud system for HDD, CBM,
TBM etc, GN also produce lots of oil drilling mud system every year for oil
drilling companies. If you need more support, pls contact us freely. 

Shale shaker is a type of very common
drilling mud solids control in all kinds of drilling projects. As a leading
manufacturer of solids control equipment
, GN could provide the shale
shaker and other mud recycling equipment for oil gas
drilling, horizontal directional drilling, water well drilling, tunneling and
piling projects.

The capacities of GN’s shale shaker are
200GPM, 500GPM and 600GPM under the mud condition of density 1.2g per cubic
centimeter, viscosity 45s measured by Marsh funnel viscosimeter and screen of
API 40.

GN Solids Control has a 4-panel screens
shale shaker which is the largest model in GN’s shale shaker product line. This
model could be used at the oil rig site for primary solids control. At the
consideration of easy operation and maintenance as well as the widely accepted
treating capacity, GN made the model of GNZS594E-HB shale shaker to fully
meet the market request.

So, what are the advantages of this model?
Or we say what the features are?

1. Simple structure design of the shaker
deck, the operator could observe the work performance easily. The added extra
horizontal square steel strips at both sides of the deck make the deck much stronger.  

2. The 2 vibrators located vertically with
the beam makes there is a longer connecting face which could distribute the G
force uniformly to the whole shaker deck.

3. Hidden design of the lead screw beneath
the shaker deck makes it available to adjust the shaker deck angle while the
shaker is running. The operator only need a ratchet wrench to adjust the deck
angle from one side of the lead screw, the other side would be adjusted at the
same time.

4. To ensure the better sealing
performance, the screen frame was installed a type embedded rubber sealing.
This rubber sealing will not be taken off with the exception of manually

5. Wedge blocks are used to fasten the
screen panels is also a popular method. This makes the exchanging of the screen

6. Sometimes the shale shaker could be used
as a under shaker of the mud cleaner unit. All GN’s shale shaker will have the
pre cut installation holes to install the cyclone frame. Which means GN’s
cyclone frame for mud cleaner is removable. All cyclone frame, no matter what
capacity, the installation location would be the same.

7. By changing hopper feeder, GN’s 4-panel
shale shaker could be used as a drying shaker for waste cutting management. The
G force is up to 8.

No hesitate to contact GN Solids Control
for a quote of GNZS594, especially the client from the America, as this model
is on a promotion status.

Recently, GN Solids Control just dispatch one set
solids control equipment to
overseas market, Middle East country. The end user is Middle East horizontal
directional drilling contractor with over 10 sets HDD drilling rigs. After they
come to Beijing and inspection GN factory, they releaser order for one batch of
equipment. The solids control equipment includes:


6 sets centrifugal pump for mixing/ transferring
drilling mud. Electrical control panel with necessary cables is also included.

2 sets shale shaker for drilling mud first phase
separation. The shaker is GN popular 3 panel shaker GNZS703.

2 sets mud cleaner for drilling mud second and
third phase separation. The mud cleaner with 2pcs desander cones and 12pcs
desilter cones is working well at customer’s drilling rig site now. Down deck
shaker is same as GNZS703.

2 pcs mud hopper with size about 1100 X 680 size.

8 pcs mud agitator to
mount on mud tanks to agitating and suspending the drilling mud.

8 pcs mud gun work together with drilling mud

4 pcs mud tanks similar size to 20ft container
for storage drilling mud. The customer already have some tanks for recycling the drilling mud.

After receive the solids control equipment, the
customer is professional enough for the rig up. If the customer have questions,
we can communicate with email & pictures. Generally, problem will be solved
very soon. For the new customer who just enter into HDD field, they may ask for
help from us for the first time rig up. GN Solids Control can offer solids
control equipment & solids control service training at same time.

Except for solids control equipment, GN can offer
drilling waste management equipment.
Like decanter centrifuge, vertical cuttings dryer, screw conveyors, hi g
dryers, thermal desorption unit, solidification unit etc, and the whole process
from on line drilling cuttings management to final stage of changing drilling
cuttings to ashes.

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In a common and normal and most cases’ HDD mud recycling unit or systems, there
are separation equipment like shale shaker and desander cones, and a jet mud
mixer for mixing new material into it. But seldom centrifuges used for an HDD
mud system.

In a recent order of GN, China CPP ordered 8 sets of highest
standard 500GPM mud recycling system combined by 2 tanks. One tank is for shale shaker and desanders, the other is
for 2 sets of centrifuges. But the centrifuge tank and the application of the 2
centrifuges are for option, not only mean that this design is for option, but
also that on jobsite work, the operators could choose to use the centrifuges or
not, in order to get different standard fine mud.


These centrifuges are big bowl centrifuges of 18 inch
diameter bowl, which was economic configuration model in GN’s centrifuge family and was designed at a
middle speed of 1800RPM and used mostly in solids control systems for oil
and gas drilling
for barite recovery. In this design of the HDD system, it
is used for separate out the particles larger than 2 microns and was customized
to have a VFD control panel to enable the speed to be in range of 0 to 1800

In the standard high configuration designs of GNMS-200G,
GNMS500G and GNMS-1000G systems, there are separation equipments like shale
shaker, desander, desilter and mixing devices like jet mud mixer. But if you
think the centrifuge is necessary per your jobsite, we could recommend the most
suitable centrifuge for you. We have 9 inch, 14 inch, 18 inch and 22 inch bowl
diameter centrifuge for option. And for the most popular model GNLW363 14 inch
bowl decanter centrifuge, GN has both fixed speed and VFD control panels
available. For other size decanter centrifuges, some are designed for fixed
speed while some are VFD controlled, but they all have another optional choice.

For more question or may you have inquiry, contact us

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