Mud Recycling Tank system for HDD

we have one overseas customers requiring one sets 500gpm mud recycling tank
system for HDD project. The client is GN old client who made the purchase set
500gpm system three years before. Now, they need much more equipment to support
the forthcoming new projects. Based on the previous mud system, the customers
give request on the specialized parameters

Part 1: Reuse unit:
Same layout being a original unit – shale
, shaker with desnader and desilter, 2x pumps for
cyclone and 1x feed transfer pump
Delete the actual mud hopper
Size of 40ft container with locking gadget for track
Recycle device will be 7. 5m size and rest of the length is drilling to be flat
skid for attach in Generator
Unit should have lifting hooks for motorised hoist
Feed hose entrance through pit and clean mud hose needs to be at the foundation
floor height – device is drilling to be mounting permanent on the right track.
Electrical panels must be elevation quality and have power socket with regard
to pit pump 22kw
Submersible slurry pump , or Pit pump 22kw x 2units
The thickness of the unit with the track folded cannot be more after that 2 .
Total elevation of the unit 3. 20m – so if volume dimensions are changed please
extend the size of the unit from 7. 5m to more.

Part 2: Exit pit shaker along with small tank:
Shale Shaker 500gpm
Mud Tank dimension 3m x 2 . 5m
Max height with shaker mounted 3. 2m
Move pump to push mud one 35 kg/cm3 to eight hundred distance (30-45kw motor)
Electric panel to operate shaker, move pump and to have electrical power and
operation of leave pit.
Lifting with motorised hoist

Part 3: Spare component list:
Shaker screens x 10pc (same as last offer)
Extra vibrator
Electrical extra buttons x 20pc
Extra cyclone desander
Spare cyclone desilter x 2 personal computer
After we have several e-mail communication and several times adjustments on the
drawing. The client is extremely happy with the commercial suggestion &
technical proposal. GN Solids Control is Tiongkok leading manufacturer for HDD
compact mud system along with other solids control equipment including Shale shaker, mud cleaner system ,
desander, desilter, vacuum degasser,
chemical mixing unit, jet shearing unit, mud agitator, bottom mud gun, transfer
pump, decanter centrifuge, vertical G cuttings dryer, could you contact us freely for any

Mud Recycling System for HDD Machines and Boring Equipments

GN solids control,
with sales
office and warehouse GN Solids America in Houston
, is a China based
manufacturer for mud
recycling system/ mud cleaning system
/ desander unit/
solids removal unit/ dewatering unit for HDD Machines and Boring Equipments. We
provide not only standard design mud recycling system, also customized design
of mud cleaning and mixing

For the standard
design of HDD & boring mud recycling system, we provide economic solution
and premier solution for your different budget.

GN mud recycling
system applications:

(1)   Bored piles machine

(2)   Tunnel boring machine

(3)   HDD machine

(4)   Diamond core drilling,
water welling drilling

(5)   Coalbed methane

(6)   Geothermal Drilling

(7)   Slurry separation

We have 3 standard
models of economic mud recycling system for option, GNMS-200D( 200gpm treating
capacity),, GNMS-500D( 500gpm treating capacity),, GNMS-1000D( 1000gpm treating
capacity),, this is a compact design which is utilized in the projects which
has limit place to install the HDD machine and mud system, also it is a good
choice if you have limit budget for the project.

The applications of
premier mud recycling system is same. It is a self-container mud recycling
system with recycling, mixing, storage function together. We have 6 standard
models for your option: GNMS-200G( 200gpm treating capacity), GNMS-500B,
GNMS-500G( 500gpm treating capacity), GNMS-500GL, GNMS-1000G( 1000gpm treating
capacity), GNMS-1000GL.

GN self-container mud
recycling system is an economic solution in the long run, because it can be
applied for many different projects, if there is no space limit, it could be
your best option. We do not mean that the premier mud recycling system must be
expensive, compared with the technical specifications, it is reasonable. We use
3 phase cleaning( shaker, desander,
rather than the traditional 2-phase cleaning(
shaker with desilter cone), it can separate most of the coarse solids from the
drilling mud so you can re-use the water.