mud tank

The mud that contain drilling cuttingreach the ground surface, the process of filtering begin start with shale shaker that contain the shale shaker screen indifferent mesh.  The whole process also
depends on the ratio of liquid and solids in the mud as well.  While treatment through shale shaker screen is necessary, it is
far from enough and that is what hydrocyclone come to use to take the
filtration to next level.

 Hydrocyclone filter less aggravate
solids that is size 15-20um, after the shale shaker.  It is install convenient to flow bottom and
also convenient for maintenance and monitoring the filtration of the drilling
mud.  The large (10 inch) diameter of
hydrocyclone should be install on upstream and the small (4 inch) diameter of
hydrocyclone should be install follow by large ones.  The hydrocyclone need to pair with drilling fluid tank and centrifugal pump.

 GN Solids
Control’s desander
have installation of 10 inch hydrocyclone
which contain between from 1 cone to 3 cones to meet the different filter
need.  To take the filtration further, it
pair with shale shaker that is detachable for convenience in change machinery
to meet the project need and maintenance.
The 4 inch hydrocyclone is for GN Solids
Control’s desilter
which contain between 8 cones to 16
cones.  The structure of the desilter is
same as desander that pair with shale shaker as well.  The desander will remove the +40 microns of solids
and desilter will remove +20 microns of solids.
The shale shaker pair with desander and desilter is linear motion with
either 2 Martin or  2 OLI brand motor
which can produce adjustable G force up to 7.5 G of force. The panel of screen
are choice of  2, 3  and 4 depend the need of the drilling
project.  All equipments construct in
explosion proof and meeting different region’s explosion proof standard.

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In the Oil and Gas drilling area, for dealing with the drilling mud, there’s not just solids control systems and drilling waste management systems. But additionally, the liquid mud plants, also is known as LMP. Aside from the solids control system and drilling waste management systems, GN Solids Control also provide complete LMP or according tools available.

 What’s LMP?

 LMP is brief for Liquid Mud Plant, generally used beside a solids control system or any other mud systems for storage the drilling mud. To be able to avoid mud from settling, most significant tools utilized in LMP are mud agitators and mud guns. In a certain distance, usually every 3 meters, there’s a mud agitator and beside each agitator, there’s a mud gun. As well as jet mud mixing tools, like centrifugal pumps and mud mixing hoppers, utilized for adding and mixing the harmful chemicals towards the drilling mud and a preferred mud proportion.

 Using LMPs?

 Anybody using drilling mud in their projects or for their clients, could use LMPs. those companies consist although not limited to:

 1. Drilling company’s workers who provide their clients drilling service using their own rigs and solids control systems.

 2. Drilling Mud/Liquid companies, who don’t directly participate in drilling works, however they provide drilling mud towards the customers and reclaim the mud back and reserve it for next use.

 GN Solids Control offer LMP to the clients both domestic and abroad. As well as, some LMP customers purchase tools from GN Solids Control when reviving their LMP, because evaluating with tanks, the facility is to some extent consumable. At the same time, plenty of large tank producers established a lengthy-term co-operation with GN Solids Control by continuously buying mud agitators and mud guns from GN.

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GN solids control dedicated to design, manufacture of dewatering centrifuge/ dewatering unit for mineral exploration, our dewatering is widely used for diamond core drilling in USA and Canada.

The most popular model dewatering centrifuge is GNLW223 centrifuge, the specs is as below:

(1)   Bowl size: 9inch dia x 26inch length

(2)   Typical bowl speed: 3800rpm & 4200rpm for option, max speed 4500rpm.

(3)   Max G force: 3077G

(4)   Max processing capacity: 150L/min

(5)   Power consumption: 15HP

(6)   Drive method: electric drive, hydraulic drive

(7)   Explosion proof: ExdⅡBt4 or IEC ex or ATEX

(8)   Weight: 1720lbs

(9)   Dimension (L x W x H): 68 x 41 x 35inch

(10) Screw propeller protected by tungsten carbide alloy

(11)  Matched shale shaker model: GNZS752E-DM, 2 –panel

The diamond drilling industry at present is, with few exceptions, not aware of the need or indeed the benefit of using a dewatering centrifuge GNLW223 to recover drilling cuttings and recycle water. But more and more clients aware or under pressure to reduce water consumption and discharge, GN dewatering unit with dewatering centrifuge could be your dewatering solution.

GN solids removal/separation unit configuration as below:

1 one set of GNLW223 dewatering centrifuge with 3800rpm

2 one set of GNZS752-DM 2 –panel shale shaker to separate big solids and less the solids content before feeding to the centrifuge, it can length the service life of the centrifuge.

3 one set of silenced generator to provide power to the unit

4 Venturi type hopper for polymer, powder mixing

5 Mixing pump

6 Transfer pump

7 Centrifuge feeding pump

8 shale shaker feeding pump

9 mud tank for storage of the fluids

10 Total power consumption of the unit: 25HP

11 trailer mounted available for portable design

For the price and more specifications, pls contact GN solids control/GN solids America sales:


Geothermal energy is thermal energy generated and stored in the Earth, means” earth’s heat”. GN solids controldesigned and manufactured mud recycling/ cleaning system can be used not only for oil & gas drilling, horizontal directional drilling, water welling drilling, diamond core drilling, rotery drilling, coal bed methane drilling , workover rig, but can be also used for geothermal well drilling.

They donot have much difference in drilling technology between geothermal well drilling and other energy drilling like oil & gas drilling, the important one is that the high temperature drilling fluids will damage the equipments, so you need a mud cooler to cool the drilling fluids. A mud cooler or a mud cooling system is an effective device to used for cooling the drilling mud in geothermal drilling or hot oil & gas drilling both in onshore and offshore.

GN mud recycling/ cleaning system for geothermal including the equipments below:

1 shale shaker: We adopt stainless steel shaker deck bottom which is Corrosion resistance, and the sealing rubbers on the shaker deck and under the shaker screens are also Corrosion resistance material.

2 hydrocyclones, we have 10inch hydrocyclones for desander and 4 inch hydrocyclones for desilter, the mud should go through mud cooler before feeding to the mud recycling system to avoid to shorter the service life of hydrocyclones and centrifugal pumps.

3 decanter centrifuge: GN solids control brand decanter centrifuge bowl assy is made of duplex stainless steel, and the other fluids touch parts are made of stainless steel 316L, which is Corrosion resistance and better strength.

GN solids control can design customized mud recycling system for geothermal project, with different treating capacity, wire height, mud tank size, qty and volume, what equipments to be used, etc.

See more info about GN geothermal mud recycling system in the rigsite:

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Inside a total Mud Tank recycling solids deal with method bigger than 1000Hp, mixing tank is primarily situated since the 5th tank, becoming positioned following trip tank, shale shaker tank, centrifuge tank and suction tank.

1. Function of mixing Mud Tank
In most circumstances, recycling procedure of drilling mud solids handle plan could possibly incur some loss in chemical compounds in drilling mud. That is definitely why to ensure that it is actually basically attainable to hold the perfect functionality and viscosity of drilling mud, operator need to have to add some components like chemical compounds from time for you personally to time in for the recycling technique.

2. Equipments for mixing Mud Tank
Core gear for mixing tank is no doubt mixing hopper. Like GNSLS Jet Mud Tank mixer, producing use of venture principle to suck inside the additive material in towards the approach. Mixing hoppers is normally installed on prime of tank or on tank skid per net page scenario or operator’s preference. GNJBQ mud agitators and GNNJQ mud gun are employed in mud tank to stir the mud from settling down.

three. Pipeline connected to mixing Mud Tank
1st, naturally, the mixing pipelines, like inlet and outlet, are respectively sucking the mud to mixing hopper and delivering mud just following adding material. Secondly, mud gun pipeline, is utilised for connecting all mud guns inside the plan. Thirdly, the water pipeline, is employed for flushing the strategy as well as for adding water for the duration of mixing. For the final, suction pipe line for supplying the mud pump.

This seriously is typically a normal mixing tank GN Solids Deal with kinds and manufactures for COSL Group. All equipments utilised inside this Mud Tank also as within this strategy are developed by GN Solids Manage. Could possibly possibly possibly you’ve got got any interest or query, welcome to produce make get in touch with with with me straight.

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