GN solids control tell you what is a mud gun ?

As a liading muaufacturer with regard to
drilling mud solids control & waste management devices such as mud gun,
straight cutting, screw conveyor, shale shaker, screw pump, mud cleaner,
oilfield shale shaker,
and desilter, machine degasser, decanter centrifuge, very poor boy
degasser, mud agitator,
mud tank, shear pump,
etc . Our own product served in around 60 countries, with organizations or
partner in Ough. S., Russia, Auatralia, Latina America and Middle Far east.
GN drilling fluid mud gun is a device familiar with agitate drilling mud with a
drilling rig. More of a nozzle than a gun, a mud gun is connected to a new pump
to circulate the going mud and prevent the solids from settling in the mud tank. also depending on
the quantity being used and the pit measurement. They are best used in tank
corners to keep solids through settling and a mud agitator is placed in the
tank heart.

GN premium quality mud gun is considered to be one of the longest prolonged on
the market today. Drilling mud can be a wet substance that is similar to a
thick clay and is also used to cool the exercise head and carry typically the
remnants of drilling for the surface in water properly drilling and oil as well
as gas drilling operations. GN mission mud gun is really a inexpensive solution
to a likely expensive problem. Mud is done by mixing water or even oil with a
clay-like ingredient that also contains several other chemicals into a big tank
called the mud tank on a drilling rig.
GN mud gun
is a 360˚ rotating swivel body, plus the ability to be
customized to the length, flanged or threaded.
Replacement parts for GN mud guns can be ordered by GN Solids Control Company.,
Ltd. GN is a fprofessional solids control system manufactuer in china. Any
problem i highly recommend you contract us on the web:

GN Total Solution for drilling waste management

GN Solids Control is the first Tiongkok
drilling waste management gear company who can offer full solution for drilling
waste management Service Company.

Regarding Oil-based mud drilling cuttings, the entire solution of drilling
waste management
including below methods:
Step 1: Vertical
cuttings dryer
. Use this VG dryer to take care of the drilling cuttings,
get the valuable oil based soil. The OOC after cure can be 3%-5%.
Step 2: Energy Desorption Unit. After VG dryer, the solids can TDU for
nonhazardous ultimate treatment. After TDU, this inflatable water, oil and
solids may be separated in accepted level which comply with most of country’s
government policy on enviromentally friendly protection
Step 3: Decanter
. After VG dryer, typically the liquid part (drilling fluids) can
go to centrifuge to remove often the fine solids and get back to active mud
tank regarding reuse. Some client allow liquid part discharged via VG dryer go
back to lively mud tank
system immediately. This is also OK.

Regarding normal water based mud drilling clippings, the total solution of drilling
waste management including down below steps:
Step 1: High Grams drying shaker ( HG dryer). Use this HG dryer to treat the
drilling waste, recover the valuable drinking water based mud for using again.
The mud on waste after treatment can be all-around 10%.
Step 2: Solidification product. After HG dryer, the actual solids part can be
put straight into solidification unit to blending with cement or chemical
substances to get nonhazardous treatment.
Step: Decanter Centrifuge. After HG dryer, the liquid aspect (drilling fluids)
can go to centrifuge to remove the fine solid waste and go back to active
magnetic tank for reuse. A few client let the liquid portion discharged from HG
dryer go back to active mud container system directly. This is also ALL RIGHT.
GN Solids Control will be the
first solids control devices supplier with China basic & USA base and
Russia base from China. All of our equipment is working in over 70 countries
and areas, increasing good reputation from many purchasers.

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GN Fixation Unit for Drilling Waste Management

GN Solids Control is complete line drilling waste
solution provider, related equipment like vertical cuttings
dryer, High G dryer, cuttings fixation unit, thermal desorption unit etc.
Different countries have different regulations on the treatment of drilling
waste discharged from shale shaker & mud cleaner &

Like client in Nigeria, most of land rig
oil drilling company do like this:

Use one set vertical
cuttings drye
r + one set decanter centrifuge at rigsite. During drilling
period, the drilling waste discharged from shaker will go to vertical cuttings
dryer for recycle and reuse. The discharge solids from vertical dryer will be
collected by cuttings skips. The drilling fluids will go to centrifuge to
remove fine solids and then, go back to active mud tank for reuse.

The cuttings skips for vertical
dryer, cuttings skips for mud cleaner and cuttings skips for centrifuge will be
taken to mud factory which have thermal desorption unit for final treatment.

Vertical cuttings dryer is
mostly used in oil based mud drilling waste management. If for water based mud
drilling cuttings treatment, high G shaker is mostly
used. Because of lower environmental containment of WBM, high G dryer is very
lower cost than vertical cuttings dryer.

Like client from Algeria / Gabon, they like
to use cuttings fixation unit for final treatment at rigsite. They transfer the
drilling waste into the fixation unit, with curing agent.

Except for the drilling waste management
equipment, GN Solids Control also produces large quantity of solids control
equipment. Each year, we provide over 250 sets shale shaker & mud cleaner
& desander &
desilter; over 150 sets decanter centrifuge; over 400 sets centrifugal pump
& shear pump & submersible slurry pump & screw pump.

We can also offer complete line of solids
control mud system for oil & gas drilling big drilling rigs; compact small
mud system for HDD small rigs/ water water small rigs etc. For clients with
similar requirement, pls contact us freely.

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Chemical substance enhancing centrifuge system intended for oily sludge

Compared with drilling cuttings (discharged
from shale shaker), oil sludge much more difficult to be treated along with
recycled. To have better perception of oily sludge, we have to understand what
oily sludge is as well as where it is from. Could you get more info from a
search engine engine. And from under chapter, we can know how to cure the oily
sludge and results we can get after therapy.
GN Solids Control is definitely
China & USA primarily based leading manufacturer for soids control &
drilling waste materials management equipment
. Studied in addition to China
Oilfield Service Minimal (short for COSL), GN Solids Control develop the very
first sets of Chemical boosting centrifuge system for slimy sludge treatment in
commencing of 2015, after work site test and application, the result is great. COSL repeat another 3 sets centrifuge system
obtain in past several months.

1) Chemical enhancing centrifuge technique configuration:
a. one pieces small mud
to help suspending the oily sludge before treatment. Mud Brawler
installed to get better performance
udemærket. Chemical enhancing system. The consumer can add chemicals from
benefit hopper. All the motor with Chemical enhancing system is managed by a
separate panel attached with the system
c. one value packs GNLW363CG-VFD
decanter centrifuge
. This centrifuge speed can be easily tweaked by the
separate VFD cp and get stepless speed adjusting. The centrifuge can get to to
3200RPM, remove extra fine solids 2-5 microns. There is a catching tank under
the centrifuge to hold the fluids parts discharged from decanter centrifuge.
All the parts is created on a 11 meter more time oilfield skid, with moving
points for easier motion.
d. Screw conveyors is likewise necessary for the system, to shifting solids
discharge / with regard to other application.
GN solids Control offer 3 value packs 1000hp mud drilling process and 1 set
17-tanks liquid mud plant to be able to COSL in last
year. We all build strong relationship along with COSL and are registered
devices supplier for COSL, Cina largest offshore drilling builder.

two Package Drilling waste management instrumentation prepared delivery for continent market.

GN Equips the Solids Control Equipment with Own Fabricated Control Panel

You know why in the industry of drilling fluid
solids control equipment manufacturing, GN Solids Control always keeps the
leading position? Besides GN’s keeping improving the products quality, the continuous
launch of new products is also a factor. From the manufacturer of primary
solids control equipment to the supplier of both solids control and waste
cuttings drying management
solution provider, GN’s keeping improving is
obvious to all. Now GN can also equip our machinery with the control panel
assembled by our self.

In order to meet demand of oil industry,
all of GN’s control panels are flame proof type, or called explosion proof
type. Mainly GN has 2 flame proof types control panel: one is isolation
explosion proof; this type control panel has a panel case that could isolate
the flammable gas with the inner space of the panel. In case the wire circuit
produces spark, due to the isolation function, the flammable gas will get into
the control panel so as to prevent the explosion. Always all GN’s equipments
are equipped with this type control panel like the shale
, vacuum
and fixed speed decanter centrifuge as well as cutting dryer unit.

GN also has VFD control panel for the decanter centrifuge
and cuttings dryer unit. This is all because these 2 equipments will perform to
get different result when running at different speed, which could make the
equipment meet the demand of various working condition. GN’s VFD control panel
outside shell is stainless steel material with excellent appearance. It is
positive pressurized control box with cooling tube or air conditioner for
working in high temperature. The VFD is ABB or Siemens brand. PLC smart control
with HMI interface is for manual and automatic operation and protection.

All GN’s control panels except VFD type are
Ex marks as Ex d II Bt4 for Class 1, Division 2 application. All the positive
pressurized VFD control panels are Ex mark as EXdeib PZ IIB T6 for Class 1,
Division 2 application. ATEX and IEC explosion proof certified are also
optional upon request.

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