mud recovery system

Since its inception in 2006, GN has sold its solids control equipment and mud recovery systems to more than 60 countries. GN’s mud recovery system can be used in many applications such as oil and gas drilling, diamond drilling, hard drive, tunnelling, piling, dredging and more. Today we will discuss an application of a mud recovery system based on a case study: a project in London.

Just two years ago, GN Solids Control sold a mud recovery system to UK customers for civil engineering. The system consists of a two-layer mud shaker and a decanter centrifuge. Mud vibrating screens are used for coarse separation to eliminate large solids. The screen API number on the upper deck will be smaller than the lower deck, which means that the lower deck screen can separate finer solids than the upper deck screen. The treated fluid will then fall into the tank and then pumped through a screw pump to a decanter centrifuge for further separation. A decanter centrifuge can separate solids to 20 microns. The centrifuge is rugged and requires less maintenance during normal operation. The bowl is made of 2205 stainless steel duplex, the bearing is made by the world famous SKF, and the screw conveyor and discharge port are protected by tungsten carbide brick. The spring also protects the decanter centrifuge during transport. After this separation, the mud can be returned to the system for reuse again. This will be very environmentally friendly and cost effective. GN can customize the mud recovery system according to the different requirements of customers to provide customers with the best solution.  This is a basic introduction to the mud recovery system. If you are interested, please visit and send your questions to

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