GN Company is manufacturer of Decanter Centrifuge from China Mainland, and has capability of manufacturing decanter centrifuge with bowl size 220mm, 360mm, 450mm, 550mm, 650mm, and 760mm.

GN Technical Team has about 10 years’ experience on decanter centrifuge and has continuously improved GN product. Here is some experience shared by GN Technical Team. When the amount of sludge is constant, the thicker the liquid ring layer, the longer the sludge is separated in the liquid ring layer, and the more sludge will be separated. On the other hand, the thickening of the liquid ring layer reduces the possibility of some disturbed small particles being lost with the separation liquid.

Combining the above two aspects, the thickening of the liquid ring layer generally improves the solid recovery rate of dehydration.

However, the thickening of the liquid ring layer will correspondingly shorten the drying area, so that the sludge separated from the liquid ring layer will not have sufficient time to be “dried”, so the solid content of the mud cake will decrease.

When controlling the thickness of the liquid ring layer, a trade-off should be made between the high solids recovery rate and the solids content of the mud cake. Unless the dewatered sludge needs to be incinerated, in general, there is no need to pursue an excessively high solid content in the mud cake, and the higher the solid recovery rate, the better, so the thickness of the liquid ring layer should be increased as much as possible.

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